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Published:July 7th, 2014 11:28 EST
Bob Rich`s 'Ascending Spiral` Listed among Finalists for Eric Hoffer Award

Bob Rich`s 'Ascending Spiral` Listed among Finalists for Eric Hoffer Award

By Ernest Dempsey

The Eric Hoffer Award was created to promote writers, authors, and independent presses. The annual award honors the memory of famous 20th-Century American philosopher Eric Hoffer (1902 " 1983). This year, Dr. Bob Rich`s novel Ascending Spiral: Humanity`s Last Chance (Marvelous Spirit Press, 2013) was among the less than 10 percent of books that make it to the finalists` list for the award.

Ascending Spiral takes readers on a journey through a wide range of space and time as the novel`s protagonist Dr. Pip Lipkin is reborn in the contemporary world to pay restitution for a crime committed ages ago. Magdalena Ball, of, called the book a "true genre-buster" since its narrative and setting combine elements of historical, literary, and science fiction.

When queried about the award nomination, Dr. Rich quipped, "Like Eric Hoffer himself, I am also a graduate of the University of Hard Knox, with a passionate identification with the underdog." 

His narrative is centered around the theme of survival and human values. Starting from the preface, the novel conveys the message that in order to survive, humanity needs to change global culture from greed and conflict to compassion and cooperation.

The complete list of category finalists for the 2014 Eric Hoffer Award is online at   

About the Author

Dr Bob Rich is an Australian writer, mudsmith, psychologist, and several other things that are none of your business. He writes in many genres, is a professional editor, and his writing has won several awards. He is also a professional grandfather. His aim in life is to convert our culture into one of compassion and cooperation instead of greed and conflict, because he loves so many children.

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