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Published:July 8th, 2014 11:53 EST
In Maggie Daniels` Sad But Unusual Homicide Case, What Are the Promising New Leads?

In Maggie Daniels` Sad But Unusual Homicide Case, What Are the Promising New Leads?

By John G. Kays

Why would anybody want to kill the popular, lovely, and upbeat school counselor and teacher, Maggie Daniels? Over the past week, which includes the drudgery of a three-day 4th of July holiday, we`re hearing that Newton (which is a small town in North Carolina, in between Knoxville, Tn. and Charlotte, NC) detectives are making considerable progress (according to them). 

Police chief Donald Brown II expressed some optimism on Saturday, when speaking with the Charlotte Observer: investigators have had a couple of really productive days. Further: we have made some headway. We`ve developed some leads. Okay, so my curiosity is killing me; what are those leads? Do they take us to Maggie`s killer?

Nonetheless, some probing on my part is pointing me in a probable direction, towards where I think the Newton investigators (this includes the NC State Bureau of Investigation) are going. I was particularly impressed with one little seen story published by WSOC TV, Investigators follow up on leads in slain counselor case, by Dave Faherty. 

It`s not readily apparent why no other news service reported that Maggie`s car had been worked on, the week before she was killed. This unto itself (seemingly) wouldn`t amount to much, one might opine, but the car repair shop (name not given) really got a good once over, in terms of questioning; a mechanic named Adam Stone, attests to getting a proper drilling by the cops. Even a convenience store across the street got the treatment.

Well, why are detectives hammering down on this repair shop so hard? It seems as if yet another unidentified man was picking up Maggie`s car for her? Why so? Why would somebody other than Maggie Daniels herself be picking up her car? And what is the time this mystery man performed this odd (if not suspicious) task? 

Obviously, we want to know whether it was just before (or just after) she was murdered; to further complicate matters, can we identify precisely the exact time of her death? I suspect it was during the evening, on Friday, June 27th, since she had been seen that very afternoon by the Windsor apartment custodian; and I understand, surveillance cameras captured her that afternoon (as hard as it is to say, still alive).

I`m certain, detectives really want to speak with this man, who was supposedly picking up Ms Daniels` car; in my mind, this is a significant lead, since the majority of people whose cars are getting fixed, wouldn`t behave in this manner (most would want to question what was done and the charges)

Another inconsistency I`ve uncovered, or rather two facts about the case that I`m not so easily able to reconcile, are one, it was her longtime friend, Addie Shuford, who found her dead at the Windsor Apartments, on Saturday morning, around 10:30 AM-ish. So, two would be, what about the weird 911 call, where a neighbor thought to enter her unlocked apartment, supposedly to check-up on her? 

Which one found her first, Addie or the Mystery 911 caller? *(and have detectives identified this man yet, with a marked southern drawl?) Does his identification by detectives add up to the progress we`re hearing so much about lately?

Much clarification is needed in this area; I mean, especially in regards to the initial discovery of Maggie Daniels` body, which should include the exact time, the condition of her apartment, who first found her, and why they put themselves in that touchy, controversial role in the first place. Well, with Addie Shuford it`s fairly easy to say, but not so with the 911 neighbor. How well did he know her, and why was he calling her up on the phone? 

And what`s this about the Newton Police initially being called on a property damage claim? Is this a coincidence, or is it somehow related to the weird circumstances associated with Maggie`s death? An unreconciled confluence of events cast a great deal of confusion and ambiguity in the murder case of tremendously adored, young counselor and teacher; it`s not to difficult to understand why a wave of fear and uneasiness is sweeping over the small North Carolinian town of Newton.