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Published:July 9th, 2014 11:33 EST
Catrina McGhaw Renting a Haunted House of Serial Killer Maury Travis, Transcends Paranormal!

Catrina McGhaw Renting a Haunted House of Serial Killer Maury Travis, Transcends Paranormal!

By John G. Kays

The moving parts of a horror/paranormal story, just zapping the Yahoo news stream is: Catrina McGhaw unknowingly rents a house once occupied (and used as killing charnel pad) by a serial killer, Maury Travis, was thrice rejected by yours truly (as a subject to write on), but sure enough resurfaces, with attributes tweaking at 11 (on a scale of 1-10) in terms of scariness or shock and awe.

I was unable to extricate the haunting saga of an innocent renter living in Fright House (in St Louis, Mo.) from my mind, as I surfed around for other interesting news; it turns out, nothing could touch it!

My initial rejection was probably a result of not wanting to go back over Maury Travis` twisted tale in any kind of detail. I`d prefer to have a pleasant day, filled with thoughts of bright-colored flowers, pleasant music, and happy-go-lucky people going about their everyday chores, whistling whimsical tunes,as they make their lives run smoother. 

Then my thoughts drift back to what poor Catrina McGhaw has had to endure, living in that Spook House (where it`s Halloween everyday, you might say). My first question is, how could the landlord, Sandra Travis, in good conscience, rent this Torture Chamber out to a normal person?

Then I realized, upon further reading, Sandra is Maury Travis` mother; this doesn`t mean, of course, she`s bad too, just because she`s his mother. But then another more reasonable take got a grip on me; if she tried to sell the doomed abode, how would this be possible, once prospective buyers put two and two together and saw it as a what it truly is: A HAUNTED HOUSE, incapable of ever returning to normalcy. 

Hell, I remember with John Wayne Gacy, Chicago Police finally had to completely tear his house down.

Forgive me, but I just saw Deliver Us From Evil (mostly a Scott Derrickson production - see Sinister and/or The Exorcism of Emily Rose, over the cumbersome, bordering on boring, 4th of July weekend, and some of the spooky scenes are coloring my thinking, as I consider what I`ve learned from the unfathomable Maury Travis (Death House) story. 

Well, I better put it down, I`m no sensationalist by nature (yet I do believe in ghosts), but , nevertheless, I did read that a two-year-old relative of Catrina McGhaw`s was scared by something, conceivably an evil spirit, down in the spooky basement, right by the wooden torture column (which is still in tact). My belief is, the energy of what transpired there (regardless of how long ago it was), never goes away; that`s right folks, it`s eternal!

Catrina needs to get out of Dodge, or rather Ferguson, Missouri, as quickly as possible (if not sooner)! That pad is doomed! I allowed myself merely a cursory review of Maury Travis` crimes, sensing I should probably have a working knowledge of his disturbing case, since I ultimately succumbed to the magnet-like drawing powers of this story. He did himself in when in jail, hanging himself in the nick of time, before he`d have to answer for what he did to all those women. 

And did he hate his own mother (that must be asked in the context of this stubborn landlord in this tale)? How many women did he kill; was it 10 or was it 20? We`ll never know for sure now. What we do know for sure, is that the Evil Energy of what this monster did there, lingers on permanently, and will never die (I don`t believe it can be exorcised such as it was in Deliver Us From Evil).