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Published:July 11th, 2014 14:32 EST
Did a Charismatic, Trusting Maggie Daniels Know Her Killer? Probably, She Did!

Did a Charismatic, Trusting Maggie Daniels Know Her Killer? Probably, She Did!

By John G. Kays

Be careful with your neighbor you mentioned. I would really encourage you to think about a self defense class and to give serious consideration to other measures to protect yourself. Maggie Daniels tweets this warning (from I don`t know who) on August 13th, 2013

A bottomless, unyielding adoration for Maggie Daniels, in the community where she lived and worked (Newton, North Carolina), has been well documented by the press and by the media (such as cable TV). 

Most of us can only behold this incredible phenomenon from afar; in my case, I live in Austin, Texas, so some of this is not so easy for me to understand, such as something so simple as what the culture (food, music, history, etc.) is like in North Carolina (I don`t believe I`ve ever been there).

Then I remember that Maggie Daniels herself came from Cleveland, Ohio to take a teaching job in NC. In her case, she was very successful in her job and was able to blend in with the community very nicely; it almost was too easy for her.

Yea, I know it looks like I`m starting to go south and negative and all, but I`m beginning to think, Maggie`s public persona or presence was quite a bit stronger than it should have been. An example is, why did a lot of people in her apartment complex know she often didn`t lock her door. And how did, whoever this was, know that she didn`t lock her door, unless they were semi-stalking her? 

Isn`t it possible that her killer lived right there in the Windsors (with the quasi-Tutor/Elizabethan architectural design)? And what about that tweet Maggie posted last August 13th? Why didn`t she behave with more caution after that time?

Well, I learned this morning, whoever this creepy neighbor was/is, apparently bothering Maggie, has since moved out of her complex. The lady (her name hasn`t been given yet) who accompanied Maggie to the Walmart that day (June 27th), which is also where that new photo of Maggie in those pink shorts comes from (pic taken by a WM surveillance camera at around 11 AM), told WCNC that this fellow has since moved out of her complex, well before she was murdered (we`d prefer to get an exact date on his move out, as well as some biographical information on this character).

I sense, Newton detectives are most aware of this man, and may be barking up his tree even as I type away madly!

My latest theory, which may not come as much of a surprise to most people who are following this case closely, is that Maggie`s charismatic personality, her high level of visibility within the wider community, was both an asset, and at the same time, her Achilles Heel; her trusting nature may be what got her killed. 

Do I believe she knew her killer? That`s an AFFIRMATIVE, certainly she did, and she let the person come into her apartment (that`s my opinion). Moreover, I think the Newton detectives know who did it; the problem is, as I see it, they don`t have enough physical evidence (I mean, such things as a fingerprint or a weapon [I doubt it was a gun]) to make an arrest. That`s the hard part, which often never arrives.

Yea, I`m looking at this entire tragic situation from a great distance; people in that community seem much more trusting, friendly, and open, perhaps displaying more innocence than we`ve ever had, down here in Texas. We don`t trust one another down here; there`s reasons for the mistrust, there`s a lot of violent crime in these parts, maybe since around 99% are carrying pistols around in the dashes of their trucks (just in case they have to vent some ornery road rage). 

I exaggerate not! Nonetheless, I was very touched by what I heard or saw of that memorial service at Newton-Conover High School; the best example of an ubiquitous outpouring of love for Maggie Daniels was, for me, the portrait of Maggie made by a former student, Amanda Beverly (I`ll post it on theSOP marquee). If her killer reads this, I have a question for you, which has been bothering me for some time: why did you break her mirror?