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Published:July 13th, 2014 10:58 EST

Trekkie Spends $500,000 to Remodel his Basement into Enterprise Bridge: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Star Trek fan in Long Island is garnering attention from around the globe after spending $500,000 to turn the basement of his family`s home into a replica of the Enterprise bridge.


Anthony Sforza has been collecting Star Trek memorabilia since the 1980s and in 2010 decided to consolidate the items and build a replica of the NX-01, the earliest Enterprise ship in the Star Trek universe, which appeared in the latest series, Star Trek: Enterprise. "


This Star Trek weirdo has boldly gone where few Trekkers have ventured, he`s invested over half a million bucks and wasted 1,500 hours over three years to turn his basement into a replica of the Enterprise bridge.

Believe it or not, Anthony is married and the father of two children, he was able to take a time out from his Star Trek obsession at least twice to do the nasty with his longsuffering spouse.

Sforza`s sister Marion said:

I think he`s a freak, but he loves it and he could be into worse things so if that`s what makes him happy then that`s great.

True, he could be making bombs in his basement or building a dungeon to imprison runaways.

But if he had spent the last three years taking university courses, he could have a Master`s degree by now.

Beam me up Scottie, the world has gone insane!

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