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Published:July 14th, 2014 16:17 EST

7 Tips On How To Get Along With All Of Your Co-workers

By Stan Popovich

It is very difficult for an employee to get along with all of their co-workers. Usually there is somebody who can give us a difficult time and make our jobs difficult. Whenever somebody doesn`t do their job or comes in late or is hard to please it can make things challenging. Here are 7 tips on how to get along with most of the people in your office.


#1. Study your work environment and the people who work there

When you start a new job it is important to get a feel of every person who works there. Make a list in your head of the people who are easy to get along with and the ones who can be difficult to work with. Keep this information to yourself.

#2. How much time is needed to deal with these difficult employees

Once you have a general idea of who may be problematic, the next step is to determine how much time you have to deal with these people. If you`re in a large office, the chances are better you can avoid these people. If you`re in a small office, then you may have to spend extra time with your difficult co-workers.

#3. Find out these people`s likes and dislikes

If you have to spend a lot of time with your problematic co-workers, then try to determine what they like to do. If you find out that a certain person likes to golf, then try to talk about his or her golfing game. Talk to your co-workers in terms of their interests,

#4. Show that you care

Many people in the office are too busy in doing their job. Let`s say that you find out that a certain employee has to go to physical therapy 3 days a week because of their back. At then end of the week, ask this person how their back is feeling and if its getting any better. Showing that you care about the people you work with will help create a lot of friends.

#5. Don`t gossip

If you`re with a group of your co-workers and they always gossip, try to stay away from them. If you are in the group and they ask you to talk about somebody, the best thing is to say that you don`t know what to think. People like to gossip, but you can control what you can say. Don`t say anything you wouldn`t want repeated in the company`s public gatherings or newsletters.

#6. Be Firm

There is usually the case that one employee simply doesn`t like you no matter what you do. In this case, its important to stand your ground. Don`t let this person bully you and if they do, tell them you don`t appreciate it and tell the appropriate authorities. Some people just like to hate and cause problems. The key is to not to stand down.

#7. You have the power

You have the sole authority to determine where you want to work. If a place becomes very difficult to work at, then your best option is to change departments. In addition, it would be wise to update your resume and keep up to date with your job skills and job search skills. Don`t wait until something happens. Take control of your situation, NOW and Not Later.


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