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Published:July 14th, 2014 18:17 EST

Bloody Brawl Ruins Paris Hilton's Malibu Pool Bash!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"According to TMZ, cops arrived at Paris Hilton`s Malibu home on early Sunday morning, July 13, after Jeremy Jackson was viciously attacked with a liquor bottle around 2 a.m.


Jackson, 33, claims that Hilton, Brandon Davis and others `were literally going Rodney King on my ass,` eventually cracking said bottle on his head.

TMZ further reports that representation for Hilton states that there were only five or six people at the house when Jeremy Jackson arrived uninvited. Told he was not welcome, he grew upset and allegedly began making statements like, `Don`t you know who I am? I was on `Baywatch` and `Celebrity Rehab.`"

Huffington Post

Paris Hilton may be a lot of things, but she`s not a brawler. I can`t imagine her going Rodney King on anyone`s ass. Hilton wouldn`t even get into a slap fight with one of her on-and-off-again BFFs like Britney Spears of Lindsay Lohan, for fear of chipping her nails.

However I can see the pop tart egging on her pals to give a Malibu beat-down to the party crasher.

I can understand why Jeremy Jackson was furious, how dare Paris and her D-List celeb pals diss a thespian who was on "Baywatch" and " Celebrity Rehab." That resume trumps Hilton`s resume by a country mile.

Oh, the lifestyles of the ditzy and dissolute...

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