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Published:July 14th, 2014 16:52 EST
Life Behind the Pulpit Starts With Words of Inspiration

Life Behind the Pulpit Starts With Words of Inspiration

By SOP newswire2

Life behind the pulpit starts with applying or needing the very words of inspiration that you give to others.  Being in the pulpit doesn`t make you exempt from needing an uplifting word or encouragement to deal with your personal issues.  In other words whether you`re in the pulpit or not you will go through ups and downs just like everyone else.  However, being the minister makes it harder to ask for help because it`s an admission that you are human and you have problems and more importantly " you are not perfect!


I know for myself I had to get past living up to everyone`s expectations of what a minister`s life is supposed to be.  I have had problems too, I had to deal with; infidelity in my marriage, disrespectful and ungrateful children, financial difficulties, friends who`ve turned their backs on me, job troubles, financial instability and all sorts of insecurities.   Yes I most definitely preach the Word of God and I know it is true even if at that very moment I am in situations where God has not brought me out of " yet I am a firm believer that He (God) can deliver me through His Word.


So when you`re behind the pulpit it`s almost impossible to admit that you are dealing with some of the very things that you are encouraging others that they can be delivered from especially if you put that phrase on it from Mark 5:29, All things are possible if only thou Believe ".  The first thing people will say is, how is it that you are still broke? Or your marriage is still in trouble?  How can you tell us to believe and you can`t.  Wrong!  This is wrong.  The Word of God is not measured or strengthened by who speaks, teaches or preaches it.  It stands alone and it works alone. 


Although people seek to be in the pulpit, front and center and held to high regard what`s behind all of that is a heavy load.  It is believed that you are to walk a fine line.  As if you are not allowed to be human at all.  You can`t slip and you cannot let your hair down.  That`s why so many fall so hard because they are trying too hard to portray a superior image that is unrealistic and then behind close doors are committing all sorts of abominations.  What we have to remind ourselves of often is that our biggest goal is not to please others but to work diligently daily to please God.  If life behind the pulpit meant perfection, we`d all be doing it!


About Deborah:


Minister and author Deborah Smith Simpkins is married and the mother of five children (ages 4-24!), Simpkins own life and spiritual walk is testament to the way God`s providence allows for pain, setbacks and challenging obstacles " but always with a rebirth and a sequel in mind.  A preacher`s kid (PK) who grew up immersed in The Word, she has nearly been killed three times in car crashes. The one she had at 17, which included a life altering near death experience where she felt she had left her body for a time, left her severely cut and burned. While in recovery, she not only prayed for the healing of the body " she also began to surrender to the arduous process of healing her soul and making a decision to live a life behind the pulpit.  For more information please visit