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Published:July 14th, 2014 17:42 EST

Woman Steals Granny Panties from Dollar General, Flees in Ice Cream Truck!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A South Carolina woman is cooling her heels in jail after she allegedly stole underwear from a Dollar General store and attempted to make her getaway in an ice cream truck.


Lessa Iannone was arrested and charged with shoplifting after she allegedly swiped two pairs of undies from a Dollar General in Rock Hill."


When you`re arrested for stealing panties from a Dollar General store, you have officially hit rock bottom.

Dollar General isn`t exactly a fashion trendsetter, this foolish woman risked jail by stealing a pair of granny panties!

The jail-issue underwear this moron will be forced to wear is probably a step up from Dollar General.

An ice cream truck is your getaway vehicle? Really?

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