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Published:July 15th, 2014 14:22 EST
In Maggie Daniels` Intriguing Murder Mystery, Is Chief Donald Brown Projecting Over-Optimistically?

In Maggie Daniels` Intriguing Murder Mystery, Is Chief Donald Brown Projecting Over-Optimistically?

By John G. Kays

Very little new information on Maggie Daniels` murder investigation in Newton, NC is surfacing in the news; the only new piece we have is Police reinterview Maggie Daniels` neighbors, ship evidence to state lab, by Chris Dyches (published by WBTV). I wonder why the police are questioning these neighbors once again? 

Have they looked at the initial interviews and noticed any inconsistencies or possible trip-ups? And what about the first 911 caller? Have they identified this man, with a noticeable Southern drawl? How does his account of what happened that Saturday morning, when he entered Maggie`s solemn apartment, sound at this juncture? Does it gel? And what physical evidence is in that large box, (that`s getting) sent to the state SBI lab in Raleigh?

It looks as if there`s quite a bit more we don`t know, than what we do know; I`m low-balling that call - we know close to nothing about Maggie`s case. I don`t know why the Newton detectives are concealing so much about this case, unless they think they can catch her killer by an accidental slippage, should this lousy individual say something only the perpetrator would know for sure. 

Hell, we don`t even know who the lady is who accompanied Maggie to the Walmart in Conover that day! I wonder why that is? What`s so important about concealing her identity? Of course, they say she`s not a suspect, but maybe this mystery woman is an acquaintance of the person who is; as such, perhaps she feels threatened by this person, if she thinks he`ll eliminate her, convinced she`ll spill the beans on him.

When you don`t have any workable leads, you`re mind will drift across a wide-spectrum of simulated scenarios,that don`t amount to anymore than crime-fiction cotton candy. Well, who`s to say the police are not anymore bogged down in where the (most likely, small body of evidence) can take them. 

 The void in the investigation, (or, at least, the extent it to which it has been reported by the media), has forced me to return to the original stories published, right after Maggie was found dead, on Saturday, June 28th (only two and a half weeks ago).

When first reported, there was a tremendous amount of confusion; who found her first? Was it a homicide? How did they know this (what`s the cause of death)? Who was the last person to see her alive? Exactly when did she die? Was it late Friday night? Did she know her killer (my opinion is, she most certainly did)?

I remember last week, Newton Police Chief Donald Brown made it seem like they were progressing in the investigation; you can guess what that means in terms of whether an arrest is imminent (the positive side), or on the other end of the spectrum (the negative side, where progress is minimal), where whether even a suspect has been developed. 

Is it that maybe Chief Brown wants to promulgate an optimistic forecast, in the wake of mountains of public pressure (local and national)? What with the popularity of Maggie Daniels, bordering on a rapturous adoration, where she looks more like a saint, how could he say they were at their wits end? I`m trending in this direction, where they over-promised on identifying Maggie`s nemesis. Maybe I just need to chill!

But I can`t, you can`t; we want to know who did it and why they did it, since Maggie hadn`t a mean bone in her body, had no known enemies, and apparently always kept everybody happy (this is the story we`re hearing, although there must be more to it). 

Could the real suspect be someone she knew well from her school job? God forbid, but was her killer in attendance at her memorial service (Newton-Conover High School) last Wednesday? I believe as such, although it hard to say it`s so, in such a public context.

 I sense, Newton authorities were watching this memorial service very closely, taking careful inventory of who was in attendance, paying their respects, with meticulous scrutiny allocated for each and everyone`s comings and goings, with particular emphasis assigned to any individual`s out-of-place or inappropriate behavior. My instinct tells me, her nemesis had to go, or else things wouldn`t look quite right.