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Published:July 16th, 2014 13:19 EST
Was Rebekah Bletsch`s Killer Fleeing the Crime Scene, Just When the Passerby Appears?

Was Rebekah Bletsch`s Killer Fleeing the Crime Scene, Just When the Passerby Appears?

By John G. Kays

When a passerby came upon a nearly expired Rebekah Bletsch, just after 6 PM (June 29th, in Dalton Township, Michigan), on an isolated stretch of Automobile Road, lying prostrate just off the curb, (it`s my theory) the killer had just fled the scene in the nick of time, avoiding detection. 

I believe this for two reasons: one, is that a neighbor, that is, Chuck Race`s wife saw Rebekah jog (glide) right by her window pane, between 6 and 6:30 PM (see: Jogger`s death now a homicide investigation, by Dani Carlson - Wood TV). Furthermore, it`s my understanding the Races saw her jogging by regularly around this time, so it must have been a habitual thing with her. Here goes another item of support!

From phone records and witnesses, we are able to establish that she was still alive at close to 6 PM, which is a statement from Detective Lt. Jim Christiansen of the Muskegon County Sheriff`s Office. My source on this semi-confirmation of my theory that Rebekah`s killer had just performed his unthinkable deed just moments before the passerby discovers her, is the newest published article (just posted today) I`ve found on this most curious case, since around the first of July. 

Okay, sorry, that piece is: Investigators: Jogger Becky Bletsch was killed minutes before she was found, by John S. Hausman - M Live. It`s my belief Detective Christianson also relied on what the Races witnessed that evening, June 29th. There`s a narrowing effect we`re experiencing, to the extend, we practically know now, she was killed at 6 PM!

Okay, I`m coming up with yet a third reason for the shooting coming a bit later than initially thought, say just after 6 even; this is hard to say, but she was still barely alive when the passerby (an odd word we use for the unfortunate, unidentified, first person, who discovered a moribund Becky Bletsch) came upon her. 

As such, I`ve deduced someone probably shot her twice in the head execution style, with a small caliber handgun (no one heard the reports, which is another odd fact about this case), and one would think a person would die fairly quickly, taking those head-shots. This is further support that the hitman had just fled the crime scene.

Hell, I can even picture that this first responder may have seen this guy walk by; I doubt if he ran, because I believe he was a professional contract hitman. Who else or what else could he be? He wasn`t a robber, since Rebekah`s valuables were left with her; he wasn`t the husband, Kevin Bletsch, since he has a rock-solid alibi, and was with their daughter preparing a family resort (I`m hearing) for the upcoming 4th of July holiday, which was rapidly approaching. 

Who hired him, we`d like to know, assuming my theory he was a contract killer is right? If we knew who he was, and who hired him, we`d have the case solved; it often isn`t quite this easy. I`m not saying this was a perfect crime, but from what I can tell, nevertheless, not too many mistakes were made.

Perhaps some cracks in the sidewalk will become visible shortly; it`s only been two weeks. Why was Rebekah eliminated? What`s the motive behind her shooting? And did her executioner purposely try to make it look like a hit and run? Was there a great deal of planning and forethought invested in this? 

Was this particular portion of Automobile Road purposely chosen to do this terrible deed? And what`s this about Rebekah not having any enemies? No doubt detectives are researching this angle, but have any local reporters tried to dig up anyone? What about money? Did she have a sizable life insurance policy? Who stood to gain anything, if she should die suddenly (it`s not an accident, it`s a homicide here)?