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Published:July 17th, 2014 15:21 EST
Did Erin Corwin Secretly Meet a Mysterious Short Man with Short Hair, on June 28th?

Did Erin Corwin Secretly Meet a Mysterious Short Man with Short Hair, on June 28th?

By John G. Kays

Where did Erin Corwin go? Why are they looking for her in nearby Joshua Tree National Park? Just since her husband, Lance Cpl. Jonathan Corwin said she was going there (on June 28th, the day she went missing)? I don`t believe she went there, or not voluntarily anyway! 

And what about the very comprehensive search warrants? What`s this about there being probable cause that a felony took place (was harm done to a young [wound be 20 now], pregnant Erin Corwin)? Where did it take place? And isn`t the spot where Erin`s blue 2013 Toyota Corolla was found, a little odd, if not most suspicious?

Alright, so I better confess to you now, I only heard about Erin Corwin`s case last night, when I was watching HLN`s Jane Velez-Mitchell, who managed to have an important guest on her show; that was Michael Beasley, who may have been the last witness to see Erin Corwin.

I recorded Jane`s show and watched it at least two times; I`ll tell you why I was paying such close attention to the startling things Michael Beasley had to say. Once I researched everything else published (by way of journalism) on Ms Corwin`s most fascinating missing person`s case, I didn`t see even one word mentioned, regarding the weird incident Mr. Beasley beheld, that Saturday (around 10:30 AM, June 28th).

Why, for example, didn`t the Desert Sun (at least) report what Michael Beasley saw that day (that doesn`t mean they had to believe it)? Did the San Bernadino County Sheriff`s Office initially not believe Michael Beasley`s story, then suddenly when their vast body of evidence begins to gel with MB`s account, they proceed to whistle a different ditty, paying him a second visit, in search of more detail and further elucidation? 

This is a loaded question as far as I`m concerned, and HLN deserves plentiful praise for jumping on this lead. There`s a good chance Erin was returning from her scout-out of Joshua Tree, if her husband is correct in saying (to the authorities) that she left early that morning, 7 AM to be precise, in her blue 2013 Corolla, on a mission (whose goals don`t make a whole lot of sense).

This part of her story, in some ways, got to me; I mean, I own the exact same make and model, same year and color also. But why was Erin leaving her car and getting into another newer model, red compact car, with a short man with short hair (was he military?), along Bagdad Highway, which is two miles from the back gate of the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (which is where the married Corwin`s called home)

MB didn`t notice a struggle of any kind; apparently, she got into the red car willingly *(I might point out also, the car was pointing in the direction of town, not the park). Why did she want to (or need to) converse with this man so badly, and most importantly, who is this guy anyhow? 

And (excuse the leap) does this mystery man some how connect with the fact that investigators are meticulously searching two apartments (D and F at 6650 Jasmine Drive), and two vehicles (one of which is a dark-colored jeep with Alaskan license plates - who owns this jeep, we want to know?)? (The Desert Sun)

I hope you will pardon me, but I`m just now entering the picture, as far as this young marine wife`s, (Erin Corwin), case goes; the levels of confusion are multi-tiered, even spilling over to how our news services and/or media report what`s happening here, over the past two weeks. 

I`ll type out some of my words of bewilderment for you, and maybe this will help us sort some of this out. First off, why was Erin`s blue Corolla moved 100 feet off the road (it was found on June 30th)?

Who moved it? Was it the short man with short hair seen by Michael Beasley? What`s the reason for the probable cause, *(behind it and driving) a very comprehensive search warrant? Why was Erin wearing a ball cap and sunglasses when seen by MB? Was that a disguise? 

Why not meet this man at a definite location? Why suddenly (or impulsively) park your car on a lonely desert stretch of Bagdad Highway, then connect? Had Erin just spoken with this man on her cell phone? What quickly came to a boiling head?