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Published:July 20th, 2014 11:00 EST

Selfie Toaster, Best Thing Since Sliced Bread: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Camera phone selfies are so five minutes ago. It`s no longer enough just to take a picture of yourself. Now you can eat an image of your own face with the help of a selfie toaster. 


A Vermont-based company called Burnt Impressions is making customizable toasters that burn an image into your toast. It`s the same company that created the Jesus toaster and the Rapture toaster with images of Jesus and bodies floating up toward the sky. 

If you want a selfie toaster, you`ll need to send a high-resolution photo of your face to the company, which will then make your custom selfie toaster in about a week."

Los Angeles Times

The Selfie toasters are sold for $75 on the website (free shipping), a bargain if you ask me. What a marvelous way to start the morning: Dark delicious coffee and toast with your lovely face on it.

I will buy the Jesus toaster, and after I sell a few Jesus slices of toast on eBay I will have enough money to buy a Selfie toaster, and a large screen TV, a computer and a new car.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry has taken selfies, but you can be the first wanker in your neighborhood to own a Selfie toaster.

If you snap a selfie eating a piece of selfie toast in front of a mirror, is that the epitome of narcissism?

Click this link to buy a Selfie Toaster:

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