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Published:July 22nd, 2014 15:57 EST
Why Did African-American Teenager, Renisha McBride Go Knocking On Ted Wafer`s Front Door?

Why Did African-American Teenager, Renisha McBride Go Knocking On Ted Wafer`s Front Door?

By John G. Kays

What happened exactly on November 2, 2013, when Theodore Wafer discharged his shotgun through the screen, killing 19-year-old Renisha McBride? Why did Renisha choose Wafer`s particular house for assistance, when leaving the scene of an accident, apparently about a half a mile away?

And when was the exact time when McBride crashed into a parked car, and what`s the precise moment she knocks on Wafer`s front door, likely desperate, perhaps even panicking from her perilous plight, if not her wounds? Where`d she go after she abandons the crash scene? 

Was Renisha in a blackout state, not even aware she was still mobile? Hopefully, at least some of these questions will get answered, as Theodore Wafer`s trial gears up this week. But by how much will the truth sink into further muddle and obscurity, by the time the attorneys and the media get into the act?

It`s hard to figure how or why nobody (no witnesses) saw Ms McBride anytime during such a long period of time, perhaps as much as 3 1/2 hours; then she suddenly appears at Mr. Wafer`s doorstep, for no rhyme or reason. 

Well, I don`t guess anyone was out and about at that time of the night, or is that in the morning hour? As such, maybe she was passed out on somebody`s lawn for a few hours, then she wakes up out of her stultifying stupor. And what about the people who were at the accident scene, such as eyewitnesses or ambulance drivers? Did they care where she was?

Wasn`t anybody combing the neighborhood (Dearborn Heights, Michigan), looking around for her? Or maybe they were, but not (searching) very hard! And how could she stumble a half-mile with that head injury and an alcohol level of 0.22? To me, the intoxication angle has some serious problems with it. Yea, serious discrepancies!

As far as that goes, if Renisha was away from her car for 3 1/2 hours (or, is that right?), why didn`t her blood alcohol level go down some from .22, unless it was like .44 at 1AM (purportedly the time of her accident)?

Okay, so another way of looking at it is, perhaps she drank even more after bolting away from the crash scene! This implies one of two possible scenarios: she could`ve had a stash in her car, which she took with her; one doesn`t want any booze bottles left in their car when the police and ERS arrive. Okay, or she might have gone over to somebody`s house and drank there; I favor the first possibility myself!

Well, it might not be either one of these, but why didn`t her intoxication level diminish a little, over a 3 1/2 hour time span? If the time period when she was wandering aimlessly was shorter, this would help, or if she continued to drink, this would help in explaining the final outcome of the autopsy.

I could see where she might drink to kill the pain, but then some bottles would be left behind, tossed on the ground somewhere. Anyway, this whole scene makes very little sense; I can see why people are bringing up Trayvon Martin, `cuz that case also had a lot of ambiguity to it. 

At times, Trayvon was portrayed as mischievous, but also painted as a perfect angel, at other times; so it goes with Renisha. The defense team is saying she was a marijuana dealer and a troublemaker; but did Wafer actually believe this African-American teenager was trying to break into his house?

Going forward, that`s what he`ll say, even if that`s the furthest from the truth, in terms of his presence of mind, the day of not so obvious incident, on November 2nd, 2013, at 4:30 AM (?). Well, here we go again! Another one of these cases that has the stigma of dividing people along racial lines, once again, black folks against white folks.

Another question, which will hopefully get answered by the impending trial, is exactly how far was Wafer`s shotgun from Renisha`s face when it was fired? How good could he see her? And what was the precise location of her body, once the police arrived? Did she die instantly, or did it take a few minutes? 

Why didn`t Ted call 911 first before firing his shotgun? And did he assume she was a criminal just because she was black? Can the prosecution pull out any examples of racism from Ted Wafer`s past, that would trend in the odious direction of racist precedence?