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Published:July 23rd, 2014 16:42 EST

Viral Video! Old Man Throws Away Canes, Drops it Like it's Hot! Dancing Machine!

By Robert Paul Reyes

A video starring an old dude dancing has temporarily eclipsed all the cat videos on the Internet.

The film begins with an anonymous old codger on the floor looking fragile with two canes. The dancing couples give him a wide berth; afraid he may poop his diapers or fall to the ground clutching his heart.


The elderly dancer has a plastic bag hanging from his belt, much speculation has risen as to its contents: Soiled diapers, bowl of oatmeal, asthma inhaler, bottle of Viagra, dentures?

The old coot gently sways to the beat, but when Bill Haley`s " Rock Around the Clock" blares from the speakers, he hurls his walking sticks and drops it likes it`s hot.

The other dancers give him even more room, not out of fear he may vomit or crap his drawers, but out of respect.

He even manages to entice a couple of hotties to dance with him; he makes John Travolta in his prime look like Pee Wee Herman.

The dignified gentleman made the rest of the dancers if not his bitc***, at least background dancers.

You go grandpa; I give you all the props in the world!

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