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Published:July 23rd, 2014 13:41 EST
Who Wanted Respected FSU Law Professor, Dan Markel, DEAD?

Who Wanted Respected FSU Law Professor, Dan Markel, DEAD?

By John G. Kays

Who executed respected law professor, Dan Markel, in his home in Tallahassee, Florida?  Why`d they do it? What was the specific motive, we`d like to know? Was it family related, or did it, perhaps, have something to do with his professional affiliations? 

Did Professor Markel have great deal of money? Obviously, he angered somebody in the community, but what would this be about? Did he ruffle the feathers of any former students? How about colleagues in the academic community (this should include both teaching related matters and/or publishing issues)? And why did his killer fire only one shot? Did he know this is all it takes?

Was this a contract job? Did a third party hire a professional hitman, knowing they couldn`t do it all on their lonesome? Further support to this not so outlandish theory is, maybe this person wanted to establish a perfect alibi, for the time when Dan Markel was shot (which was probably between 10 and 11 AM, last Friday, July 18th)

If the person behind this most malicious of crimes (homicide) was knowledgable about criminal law, then they would be perfectly aware of the importance of establishing a good alibi. Furthermore, if this bad seed (although no one suspects them) was a prominent member of the academic community, then it stands to reason they could never allow their-self to be the one actually pulling the trigger. Too big for that dirty work!

Alright, so I`m starting to go out on a fragile, flimsy limb of idle speculation, but do you have a better theory, where it`s somebody who`s not amongst this closed circle we call the law community? Even Dan`s Ex, Wendi Adelson works as a law professor, and at the very same same school as Markel does, FSU. Okay, so we`re hearing the divorce was finalized about a year ago, but nonetheless, there were still some kinks in dividing up the property and how to deal with their two kids (visitation rights and whatnot). 

With those loose-ends in mind and knowing  the disputes were fairly heated (both were versed in law, I`ll remind you), what would Wendi Adelson have to gain if Dan Markel were eliminated? Did he have a life insurance policy, still on the books, with her as the beneficiary?

You don`t have to get all bent out of shape, I`m just asking! From what I can tell (without doing a great deal of research), nobody in law circles have ever said anything negative about Professor Markel; in fact, it`s just the opposite, he`s highly respected internationally, and has published quite a few articles (Slate, The Atlantic, and The New York Times) and even has a book out (Privilege or Punish: Criminal Justice and the Challenge of Family Ties). 

Hum...those arn`t exactly rags; as far as his book goes, the title is causing me to scratch my head quite a bit. I wonder whether the content is somehow related to what he was going through with his divorce. I may have to take a look at it. (The New York Times - Police Seek Clues...) This is very big case; Dan Markel is a lot more important than I initially surmised! To put it bluntly, who`d he piss off so much, to the extent they`d want to kill him?

This case will get a tremendous amount of attention, whether we`re talking about Tallahassee investigators, the media at large, or the many people who worked with, knew and loved (one didn`t, I realize) Professor Markel so dearly. The shear count of his admirers must number in the thousands; in the same breath, the pool of suspects is very large also. 

My instinct whispers in my ear: return to the immediate, physical crime scene; where was Dan lying once the police arrived? Did the perpetrator ring the doorbell, then fire right when he opened his door? Or did he/she go inside first, which implies Dan knew his killer? Who found him and are they the one who called 911? Was somebody home when he was shot? What`s the likelihood this culprit drove a car to and from his suburban home? Small I should think!