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Published:July 26th, 2014 10:20 EST

Viral Video: Selfish Cat Refuses to Share Her Yogurt

By Robert Paul Reyes

Cats are cute, cuddly and selfish and territorial as hell, as this video proves.

The black and white cat simply refuses to share her yogurt with her housemate, when the gray cat dunks her head into the cup of yogurt the selfish cat simply uses her paws to move it away from him.


The black and white cat`s selfish behavior will come as no surprise to cat owners. I have two cats and when I crunch up a piece of paper and throw it on the floor for my felines to play with, they fight to the death over who gets to play with it.

I noticed that the owner gave his pets a cheap brand of Walmart yogurt; I suspect that if he had given them a premium brand of yogurt, the gray cat might be dead.

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