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Published:July 28th, 2014 15:26 EST

Viral Video: Puppy Snuggles With Round Head Charlie Brown-Type Baby

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Watch her little face as it lights up after the eight-week-old puppy climbs up on her baby climber.
`We`ve always said we would get a puppy when we have a baby so they can grow up together and have a special bond, [but] we never knew it would be as sweet as this,` Eisleigh`s mom, Brandi Hodges, told AOL in an e-mail."



It`s axiomatic that cats rule the Internet, but this cute baby and adorable puppy are doing their best to wrest control of cyberspace from felines.

The infant`s chubby round face lights up with pure joy when Clyde the pit bull puppy climbs up to snuggle with her on her baby bed.

Eisleigh the baby`s mind hasn`t been corrupted with all those nasty lies about pit bulls. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, I`m sure the baby and the puppy will be inseparable for the next few years.

Although Brandi, the baby`s mother, says they are taking precautions now that Clyde is growing.  The pooch is not allowed to walk into her bouncer, but rather lie next to her on the blanket.

Every little boy and girl should have his or her own puppy. Man was not meant to live alone; we are incomplete without a dog or a cat by our side.

I`m glad that this baby girl is already learning that a dog is man`s best friend.

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