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Published:July 29th, 2014 14:16 EST
Where Did Jennifer Huston Disappear To After Gassing Up? 'I`m Just Waiting On A Friend!'

Where Did Jennifer Huston Disappear To After Gassing Up? 'I`m Just Waiting On A Friend!'

By John G. Kays

Jennifer Huston leaves her house (in Newberg, Oregon) to run some incidental errands Thursday (July 24th) evening (around 5:30 PM), and totally disappears! What`s up with yet another story of an attractive, missing, stay-at-home housewife and mother of two boys? A local reporter from the Portland area (I believe it was a CBS affiliate) mentioned Susan Powell and Josh Powell as an appropriate comparison.

I experienced one and the same lightbulb, suddenly switching on in my head, although some noticeable differences should be pointed out. Well, for one, I remember that Susan was gainfully employed, although I don`t recall exactly where she worked; another observation is, Josh was avoiding press conferences like the plague, while Kallen Huston has embraced them without any (overt) reservations. Josh did give one interview initially, an infamous one, I might add, which I`ve always called Josh`s Blue Cap Interview.

I suppose we ought to put these comparisons aside, since they color our way of thinking about this new case, I mean Jennifer Huston`s, that is. I no more than say this, let`s forget about Susan Powell for now (that`s often hard to do), then I dream-up another characteristic that clearly links these two cases, putting them in the same camp. That is, Susan Powell`s case practically launched the idea of working a missing person`s case via Facebook

I`m seeing a commonality with Jennifer Huston, where she`s getting hundreds of thousands of visitors and Likes on her page, Find Jennifer Huston. Susan`s template allows this model, where Social Media can work together with law enforcement to help in solving crimes *(yea, I know this isn`t described as a criminal investigation yet; as a reminder, that was true with Susan Powell as well).

Okay, so have I finally purged these demons of conspicuous comparison and analogy? Probably not, but I`ll truck on down the road a ways anyhow, putting especially Josh Powell in a rearview mirror, an edgy, awful memory that needs forgetting! Alright, I`ve watched that interview with Kallen Huston (ABC has it) several times, attempting to interpret him; well, you know what I mean. Do you and I believe he`s credible? 

Do we believe he`s telling the truth about the final moments before Jennifer leaves, supposedly on some ordinary family errands? I`m experiencing some paranormally-inflected skepticism myself; what do I mean by that? It`s hard to say, but maybe I watch too many movies or scour the evidence on too many of these missing persons` cases, where it`s a family thing. And what do I mean by a family thing? HELL I DON`T KNOW!

Alright, so here goes; she leaves the house at 5:30 PM and he doesn`t get hot and bothered until 9:30 or 10? He was doing chores and putting the boys to bed for 3 or 4 hours, and he forgets she hasn`t returned from some easy errands? Did he know the part about the bank withdrawal? 

How much money was she taking out of their account? Did she state specifically the nature of these errands? If she did, why hasn`t Kallen mentioned these in the two major press conferences he`s already conducted? And what`s this about you might find her in a ditch, stuck somewhere? Was this some sort of inside informational slippage? What did he mean exactly, by this (what I`ll term) an intuitive effusion? A subconscious admission of guilt, perchance?

Admittedly, I`m seeing the glass as half empty; where`d Jennifer go after filling up her tank with gas, at the Circle K 76? We have a blurry image, at precisely 6:10 PM, and this is the last one we have; furthermore, her cell phone goes dead right after this. It doesn`t sound as if Kallen tried to call her during this something like three hour time period, anyhow; I mean, he didn`t state publicly he was ringing her line off the wall (well, her phone was dead anyway). 

It has to be foul play; what else could it be? Jennifer`s no Janet Leigh (in Psycho) splitting town with a bundle of loot, heading for disaster at the Bates Motel! And that dark green 1999 Lexus LX 470 looks like it would be hard to hide (or get rid of); when we finally find out what happened to her, I bet we`re in for a big surprise. BIG SURPRISE!