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Published:July 30th, 2014 16:22 EST
Customer Reviews Of A Layman`s Guide To Managing Fear

Customer Reviews Of A Layman`s Guide To Managing Fear

By Stan Popovich



Here are just a small sample of  book reviews of Stan Popovich`s popular book A Layman`s Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology, Christianity and Non Resistant Methods " For more information about Stan`s helpful  book and to read Stan`s free mental health articles please go to  If you know of anyone who could  use Stan`s valuable information on fear, anxiety, stress, depression, and addiction please send them to his website. Thank you.


 How to Overcome Fear in a Few Short Steps..............A graduate of Pennsylvania State University, Stanley Popovich presents his guide to overcoming fear and anxiety in the form of a common sense booklet accessible to all ages. Stan explores three different approaches to managing fear: practicing general counseling techniques, asking for God`s help, and using non-resistant methods, which, when combined, can serve as a powerful tool in fear management. In brief, within relatively few pages, A Layman`s Guide to Managing Fear packs a powerful punch and is well worth the read.   By: lc Henderson "Posted On Amazon


A great guide to managing fear..................I personally enjoyed the book . I have worked with drug and alcohol addiction , much of this is fear based . There are many different options in here for overcoming fear . You can pick one or combine them. I think the Author could expand on some items but he still gets the point across . I also believe it was kept short to help people accept the challenge to read it . By: Michael Grabhorn--Posted On Amazon


 Pragmatic overview of useful technique.......................Mr. Popovich has provided a concise and easy to digest compilation of information and techniques to help the reader recognize and address the fear and insecurities that we all face in daily life (as opposed to phobias). Offering techniques found in psychology (mainly cognitive reframing techniques), ways to recognize and face the things we are afraid of, and including the influence of spiritual strength in striving to find meaning and purpose in our adversity, this book could inspire one to gain power over our own daily roadblocks. By: LeAnn Bruce--Posted On Amazon


 A compelling argument for individuals dealing with fear................Popovich provides a compelling argument for individuals who deal with fear, and although he admittedly acknowledges the notion that his work is no substitute for professional help, he does provide valuable information through various techniques and methods to help individuals deal with personal fear(s). The cognitive approach to dealing with fear through critical thinking and deductive reasoning brings individuality and reality to the forefront of the individual`s consciousness. And, while this is no easy task during the moment, using the common sense steps Popovich alludes to can help individuals deal with fear. The guidance to seek God`s help is true and should never be underestimated at how it can help. And finally, Popovich provides some external resources for those who deem it necessary to seek further help. By: Joseph Holloway--Posted On Amazon


 Managing Fear................Stan Popovich puts together a nice and easy to read short essay on handling fear. He draws on elements of cognitive behavioral therapy, psychology 101 and appealing to a higher power. I recommend this to those that are experiencing unwanted fears and to learn how to manage this without bending to its perceived power. By: William Shryer--Posted On Amazon


  Perfect reference for quick review.....................This book is just what people need to facilitate real world utilization of simple and straight forward techniques. I love to find what I need in a neat concise format, and Stan Popovich delivers just that. Now if you are not a Christian, or happen to be an atheist, like me, you`ll find that all of the references and passages and suggestions relating to God and the Bible are functionally optional as an additional tool. Even an atheist or non-Christian with any sense will encourage the use of the religious based text for those who are believers because it cannot hurt to tap into those things that they truly believe in for strength. The techniques in this book are ideal for quick processing. Most authors would have used 270 pages to yield the same results. By: Manualdemis--Posted On Amazon