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Published:July 30th, 2014 15:04 EST
Did FSU Professor, Dan Markel Have Any Enemies? Or Is It: DID HE HAVE ANY FRIENDS?

Did FSU Professor, Dan Markel Have Any Enemies? Or Is It: DID HE HAVE ANY FRIENDS?

By John G. Kays

Quite a bit more information has been reported on the (what looks like) incredibly baffling and challenging murder of prestigious FSU Professor, Dan Markel. It`s practically more than I can absorb; well, I`m giving it a college try anyhow (seeing as I now have an ipad Air, to use for my research). I haven`t gotten around to reading any of Dan Markel`s actual writings yet, but what I did see in the Tallahassee Democrat and The Tallahassee News made the hair on the back of my neck twitch, then stand-up straight and tall, as ripe corn stalks at harvest! 

Three items, which you will want to examine carefully (with a fine-tooth comb), are: one, a row going on from Dan`s blog (by way of maliciously-toned comments), two, a mention of a witness (after hearing a loud report at around 11 AM, July 18th), seeing a vehicle leaving the crime scene, probably a Prius, and finally (thirdly), we now know Dan was shot through the driver`s window of his car (a black 2008 Honda Accord) when stationary, just as he was finishing up parking his car in his garage.

Hell, we even know now, Dan was talking on his cell phone when somebody came after him, `cuz he mentioned (to whoever he was talking to) that someone was approaching him. Like I said, this is startling information to digest; we can only imagine what this neighbor is going through! This person actually heard the (we`re hearing, the fairly loud) gunshot, and even got a gander of this light-colored Toyota Prius making their getaway (slowly and slyly, I gather), in vehicle that`s as quiet as a mouse. 

Cruelly piling on to this obvious traumatization, experienced by the unfortunate neighbor eyewitness, is the fact that he/she had to see Dan still behind the wheel, still alive and moving slightly, but (of course) unable to talk. It`s possible to picture this horrifying scene in your mind, but it`s hard to grasp it, once you realize this really happened, just in this way.

Moreover, one might well consider the possibility this neighbor was mistaken in their conviction that the car they saw bolting from Professor Markel`s home, was, in fact, a Prius, yet we have a surveillance camera (nabbing the culprit), having captured one and the same set of wheels. The two separate pieces of data reenforce and support each other; okay, so maybe the killer didn`t use their own car to do the job. It would be very stupid if they did! 

(Teeter-Toter away), so perhaps they stole a Prius, but if they rented one, that would be equally stupid! If they own it, and say, they`re a law student, or a former law student, the cops are probably watching them like hounds on a fox, even as I type black ink on this white paper! How could the killer be that much of a dimwit, if they`ve been studying criminal law for sometime? For this reason, I reject this theory; it`s got to be more complicated than that.

An article in The Tallahassee News (Markel letter writer said he must be shut down by all means necessary, by Michael Abrams), provided me with more in depth biographical information on both Dan Markel and on his Ex, Wendi Adelson, than I`ve ever seen before. The dynamics of both families are, in all probability, getting a great deal of attention by investigators, if not the sizable national audience, who just can`t keep away from the news (TV or printed), for any possible clues, that may point towards a viable suspect. 

What I find very hard to wrap my mind around, is that somebody would actually take such proactive measures (shooting them, when still in their car), just over a few written statements in a blog. I favor a more reasonable theory myself; the killer, conceivably, might use this disgruntled former student scenario as a framing blanket for the true motive, which is actually much more tangible and substantial in nature. I mean, would anybody believe Dan could guarantee them a job?

No law student is going to be so gullible, as to believe a law professor can score them a position after they graduate; I`ll have to read what Dan wrote in his blog, but I doubt it`s that simple or propagandistic, (although it does sound as if he angered quite a few more people than I had initially suspected). Still, I rather choose to see this as a decoy a cunning (real) killer could employ (sorry about that!), to deflect suspicion away from who they are, or why they did it. 

 The use of a Prius too, was an appropriate move to frame somebody else; yea, I`m leaning in this direction. Not that it wasn`t somebody in the law community; yea, I think it probably was, but to shorten the suspect pool a bit, most likely an individual a trifle higher on the totem pole of Legal BigWigs! Consideration of his Jewish faith is in my thoughts also; I don`t know just why. My intuition says this is a factor, but tell me religion has nothing to do with it, if this is how you feel.