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Published:July 30th, 2014 17:07 EST

Dude Tells Cops The Only Guns in His Home Are His Biceps

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Some Massachusetts police officers bought themselves "tickets to the gun show` when they arrived at a Northampton home to check out a call about a firearm on the premises.


When a man came to the door to respond to the charge, he informed officers that the only guns in the house were his biceps.

The 53-year-old man then busted the guns out to flex for the officers."


It`s not against the law, even in liberal Massachusetts, for a citizen to have a firearm in his home. The police should charge the person who lodged the complaint with making a nuisance call. Cops have better things to do than check up on reports that a man has a gun in his house.

I`m surprised the police officers didn`t` charge the man with making a terroristic threat when he flexed his biceps.

The cops did discover a water pistol at the residence, so I`m sure they left the man`s home pleased with themselves.

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