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Published:July 31st, 2014 15:11 EST
Does Jessica Barrymore`s Untimely Death Conjure a Family Curse of Endless Addiction?

Does Jessica Barrymore`s Untimely Death Conjure a Family Curse of Endless Addiction?

By John G. Kays

Jessica Barrymore, a half-sister to popular actress Drew Barrymore, would have been 48 today (Thursday, July 31st); the only problem is, she died two days ago, likely from a drug overdose (this needs confirmation from an official autopsy report). However, strong clues that her death was induced by taking too many drugs, is supported by a great deal of pills, found on the passenger seat of her car. 

The deceased Barrymore woman had a SoBe energy drink positioned between her legs, suggesting she washed down these pills with this drink. The issue of whether it was an accidental OD or a suicide is controversial, at this point in the investigation. My own take, after examining a good many in depth articles on this shocking development (reflecting on the Barrymore clan), is that most people are leaning in the direction of suicide, so why should I fight the tape!

Well, I suppose I should add a few other props left at this ghastly scene; there were vodka bottles and even a couple of bags of meth (I hope Breaking Bad didn`t occur to you upon reading this!), lingering in her Toyota Camry. What`s really odd, or at least it`s not readily apparent to me, I should say, is the question of how or why Jessica ended up at this particular apartment complex in National City, California (I spent a bit of time this morning looking at NC on a map-I`ve never heard of it)? 

Alright, so maybe I`m even curious how Jessica ended up living here; the part about working at Petco there might could use a little flesh on the bone also. It sounds like Jessica was really good at this job, probably because she loved pets. This part of the story makes her untimely death all the more tragic and troubling!

In short, I`ve never heard anything about Jessica Barrymore until yesterday, which would be a time when she had already expired; as such, I could benefit from a total rundown, as far as biographical particulars (over and above, that she was an alcoholic and a hopeless junkie). 

I should point out, I don`t know that to be true, but have read those not so flattering portrayals on the internet, over the past two days. and it looks like Drew herself has spent a lifetime keeping a wide football field distance, between her and her half-sister, which may be an understatement. 

We might surmise from this behavior, Drew knew a lot more about Jessica than we would ever care to! Well, I`ve read that quote of Drew`s about a thousand times, and it shouts in my ear: AVOID JESS LIKE THE PLAGUE!

Every article I read uses this quote, so I`m going to nick it. Alright, so I read that strange philosophical quote that Jessica posted on her Facebook page, a few days; reading between the lines, it told me she was having beaucoup problems, in the sense you have to meet a lot of bad people before you can get around to meeting some good people, who can actually enrich your life (this quote may contain carefully guarded, metaphorical, autobiographical intimations)

What caused her to drink and drug so much on Tuesday? I couldn`t find too much on her visit to her sick mother, but of what I did see, it looks like this visit may be what set her off on this destructive binge. Jessica`s mother`s name is Nina Wayne, and, of course, her father is John Drew Barrymore (Drew`s father also). Their relationship is an interesting topic, which needs further elaboration, via reporting. Issues with substance abuse are not too hard to find, when reviewing the Barrymore family tree.

The grandfather, John Barrymore, was one of the greatest actors to ever walk on an American stage, but boy, he had an awful bout with the bottle, which did him in. John Drew followed in his footsteps; Drew herself has almost slipped a few times, but has somehow managed to pull herself back before falling off the cliff of horrifying substance addiction. 

Poor Jessica wasn`t quite as fortunate as her estranged half-sister, who seems to be nimble in her avoidance of the family curse. Goodness sakes! I`ve got to see granddaddy`s role as Dr Jekyll and Mister Hyde tonight! Doesn`t that tell it like it is? Isn`t John playing himself in this movie?