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Published:August 1st, 2014 13:33 EST
BEATLEMANIA Can`t Be Simulated By Today`s Digital Technology!

BEATLEMANIA Can`t Be Simulated By Today`s Digital Technology!

By John G. Kays

Today, August 1st, in terms of Pop Music History, marks the 50th anniversary when The Beatles scored their FIFTH Number One single in the US, with A Hard Day`s Night (! Today also marks the anniversary date (08/01/`71) for The Concert For Bangladesh, which was held at Madison Square Garden, organized by George Harrison. I have the DVD, so maybe I`ll run that by tonight, in remembrance of that great event.

I had just graduated from high school and was on my way to college (in Boston), towards the end of the month; these are the milestones in my life that help me remember this event, along with the troubling fact that The Beatles had only recently broken up (I still haven`t recovered from that news). As far as the movie, A Hard Day`s Night goes, I first saw it in downtown Houston, in late July of 1964, then when my family went on vacation to see my aunt and cousins (in Belleville, Illinois), I turned around and saw it again with them (in the first week of August).

If you weren`t there (time and place), it`s impossible to tell you what it was like; I`m of the opinion kids from this current generation will not be able to relive or recreate this moment, whether it`s from the internet, movies, TV, or from records (that includes itunes or even new pressings on vinyl). An important historical moment is pristine and unique; reflection back on it is secondary in nature, it`s not the real thing. 

You can`t simulate Beatlemania, it`s a one off! That gets at it better; the tremendous wave of emotion that mesmerized me as I watched the film for the first time, and listened as a mob of teenage girls were catapulted into ecstasy, is not translatable. BEATLEMANIA IS MORE LIKE SEEING GOD! Good, that`s it; all of us knew they were Gods.

This morning I had to get me a new copy of A Hard Day`s Night on itunes (the Parlophone version this time); in 1964, all we could get was the United Artists` version. That doesn`t mean I don`t wish my copy of the American release hadn`t of slipped out of my hands; I do regret it! 

Actually, a junkie purloined all my cool Mid-Sixties vinyl records in the Summer of 1975. The British version includes Things We Said Today and I`ll Be Back; with the Capital Records` release, those songs were on Something New! (I realize they have recently re-released those original editions -I got Yesterday and Today, but was disappointed the Butcher Cover hadn`t been reinstated). If I Fell is my favorite song on A HDN; so what`s the real story behind Ringo`s famous Malapropism? John`s version or Paul`s?