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Published:August 1st, 2014 11:32 EST

Joe Biden Loves Skinny-Dipping! The Horror, The Horror! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Vice President Joseph R. Biden has a secret love " skinny-dipping. A new tell-all book about Secret Service agents and the presidents they protect describes just how much they dread protecting the vice president, in part because of his penchant for going naked.


The book, `The First Family Detail,` by Robert Kessler, quotes numerous unnamed Secret Service agents giving out juicy details about the supposed hidden lives of presidents, both present and past, and the other politicos they protect.

Mr. Biden is shown to care more about his  `regular guy` tag than about his official duties as second-in-charge of the country, the New York Daily News reported. He`s also cast as such a regular guy, that he can`t wait to get in the water without clothes."

Washington Times

Joe Biden is the reason why Barack Hussein Obama will never be impeached. Obama has carte blanche to do anything; he could crap on the constitution (literally not just metaphorically), release his real Kenyan birth certificate, and confess that he dislikes White people without fear of impeachment.

Joe Biden doesn`t enjoy a " regular guy" reputation with the American public; he is disdained as a doofus. If he doesn`t have his foot in his mouth, he has a finger up his bunghole. Americans of every political and philosophical persuasion recognize him as a moron.

Biden is probably oblivious to discomfort of the agents protecting him, when he goes skinny-dipping. The hapless agents should be compensated handsomely for protecting this hideous old man.

Biden even skinny-dips in the presence of female agents  --  what a reprehensible and odious human being!

Agents consider being assigned to protect Biden the second worst assignment in the Secret Service. Can you guess what Secret Service agents consider the worst assignment? Protecting Hillary Clinton, of course!

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