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Published:August 5th, 2014 14:37 EST
In Holly Bobo`s Strange Disappearance, When Did Authorities First Suspect Zachary Adams as Camouflage Man?

In Holly Bobo`s Strange Disappearance, When Did Authorities First Suspect Zachary Adams as Camouflage Man?

By John G. Kays

I must confess, I`m having trouble understanding all these newest disturbing developments, in a case that made the headlines more than three years ago (April 13, 2011), the disappearance of 20-year-old nursing student Holly Bobo, from a rural area in Decatur County, Tennessee. Part of this confusion is due to me not having heard the news of Zachary Adams arrest (on charges of murdering Holly) back in March.

I`ve followed this case closely right from the beginning, so I`m clueless why this information didn`t come to my attention much earlier! When you really think about it, it`s not all that odd really; ever since Holly was abducted from her home by a man wearing camouflage, this case has seemed strange. An aura, maybe a spirit, lingers over it, maybe something akin to a Stephen King novel from the 1970s; or maybe it`s just me. I have trouble getting it straight!

Just looking at film footage and photos of Zachary Adams is creepy and surreal enough as is; but if Man Ray was still alive, he`d have a field day with this crazy, lanky, nefarious, Ichabod Crane looking character, who`s now facing charges of murdering Holly. I`m starting to review the new data, resulting from this equally strange woman (to me, anyway), Sandra King, who thought she saw a Holly Bobo film on Jeffrey Pearcy`s iphone. Yet, I`m just startled to death by this tale she has to tell! Is this straight-up?

I find myself reading over these articles written for The Jackson Sun (The Tennessean) a half-a-dozen times, maybe more, attempting to make sure this is real (not the Onion, say), genuine news. One thing I wonder about, is, suppose that Pearcy really did show this horror movie to King, then where did he get it ? From what I can tell, given the stories I`ve read, Jeffrey got it from his brother, Mark Pearcy.

Okay, so Jeffrey says he isn`t close to his brother Mark; he also says he only recently moved to West Tennessee, way, way after Holly vanished (obviously, as a result of foul play). Alright then, why did his brother Mark share it with him? Didn`t he realize this video could get him arrested, if his brother did something stupid, such as show it to somebody else?

And how did Mark share it? How was Jeffrey able to download it? And why hasn`t the FBI been able to retrieve it yet? Why did they have have to take all these iphones to an Apple Store to locate it? How can the TBI actually arrest Pearcy without getting the Holly Bobo video first? I told you I was good and confused, and I meant it; it`s been this way the entire time, I shouldn`t be surprised, but the confusion is growing even stronger!

Was it Mark Pearcy who filmed this sicko, Zachary Adams (who looks more like a raccoon in some photos I`ve seen), raping Holly Bobo? If this is true, then this is a very serious crime, even to the extent, I`d say, of making him an accomplice to murder. Let`s hope they can locate the video, because if they can`t, their case goes out the window. 

From watching Jeffrey Pearcy speaking into a news microphone, he doesn`t come off as so bad as, he`d likely show this crime in progress video to Sandra King, nearly in a casual manner, like a brag, almost. I mean, he has two boys, doesn`t he, how could he stoop so low as to buy into this? 

On the other hand, Sandra King is 100% sure she saw Holly on this video, which subsequently, vaporized into thin air! This is one of the hardest stories to swallow, I`ve ever encountered! And after all`s said and done, is Zach the Mysterious Camouflage Man

 ZACH IS UNREAL TO ME! Maybe it hasn`t sunk in properly yet; surely it hasn`t! Zach was stalking Holly a few days before a Coon Hunt Dinner, and people noticed it too; why didn`t Adams become a suspect early on in the investigation? What other evidence did they find on his property? Had he bragged about what he`d done to Holly to others?

Was it common knowledge in this isolated West Tennessee community that he was Camouflage Man? Or did they know, but just needed some hard evidence first before they could arrest this creature from outer space? Please, someone tell me this is the petrifying terror fiction of Stephen King, not a detached reporting of the cold facts!