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Published:August 6th, 2014 14:39 EST

Bakery Robbers Walk Away With Doughnuts but no Dough

By Robert Paul Reyes

with doughnuts but no dough
with doughnuts but no dough

"Two Ohio women who tried to rob a bakery in Mansfield likely ended up feeling not-so-sweet even though they did get some free doughnuts.

The robbery suspects went to Buckeye Bakers Schneider`s too early on Tuesday morning when 79-year-old Dixie Guegold was working at the counter.

When the pair demanded cash, she handed over doughnuts instead of dough."

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It was early in the morning and 79-year-old Dixie was hard at work baking donuts, when in walked two women demanding money. The cash register was empty, as Dixie hadn`t had any customers yet, so the sweet old lady offered the robbers doughnuts instead of dough.

There`s no such thing as a free lunch, the robbers were lucky to walk away with free donuts. They will never amount to anything in life until they cultivate the same hard work ethic as dear old Dixie.

Hopefully the two women will soon be apprehended by the police. They will be sure to get jail house bologna sandwiches, but it may be a while before they enjoy another delicious donut.

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