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Published:August 6th, 2014 14:15 EST

Perv Shoplifter Crams 4 Logs of Swiss Cheese Down his Pants

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A security officer at the Giant Food Store, 4320 North Fifth St. Hwy., Muhlenberg Township, spotted Elijah Muhammad Eason waddling when he walked through the store on Monday, police said. Eason was found to have four logs of Swiss cheese, each valued between $52 and $55, inside the legs of his pants, according to an affidavit of probable cause.


When confronted outside the store, Eason asked the security officer, `What cheese?` Police responded, recovered the cheese and took Eason into custody."


Eason is a serial Swiss cheese shoplifter; he previously stole logs of Swiss cheese from another Giant Food Store.

Has Swiss cheese replaced Tide detergent as the new form of street currency? Hey pal here`s a log of Swiss cheese, now gimme two rocks of crack.

Methinks Eason has a fetish for logs of Swiss cheese; I don`t even want to imagine what the freak does with them.

Eason was charged with retail theft and committed to the Berks County Jail on $10,000 bail.

Here`s a video about another Swiss cheese pervert who also happens to live in Pennsylvania. Why in God`s name are there so many Swiss cheese perverts in Pennsylvania?

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