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Published:August 8th, 2014 20:35 EST

Dude Arrested After Beating Cops in Donut-Eating Contest

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A North Carolina man who beat police officers in a doughnut-eating contest got his just desserts the next day after they realized that he was a wanted man.


Bradley Herbert entered the cuisine-eating competition at the Elizabeth City Police Department`s National Night Out Against Crime and won it by polishing off eight doughnuts in two minutes.

The field that the 24-year-old defeated included local police officers and firefighters."


It`s ill-advised to beat police officers at their own game; beating cops at a donut-eating contest is like beating politicians at a contest to determine who can sleep with the most bimbos in one night.

Even if Herbert was a Boy Scout, which he clearly wasn`t, they would have nailed him for the smallest infarction, like jaywalking.

The day after the contest, the hapless cops realized that Herbert was a wanted for burglary.

The cops had eggs on their faces; they were outraged at Herbert`s chutzpah, in entering the contest when he knew they were looking for him.

Herbert is now in the Big House, and the cops are at the local donut shop, drowning their embarrassment in coffee and donuts.

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