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Published:August 8th, 2014 10:25 EST

Russians Mock Obama With Racist Laser Projection: Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A sickening racist birthday message to President Barack Obama has been beamed onto the U.S. embassy in Russia using lasers.


The image, which is sure to further enflame relations between the two countries, showed Mr Obama swallowing a banana.

It was projected onto the front of the embassy building in Moscow as a stunt by students on Monday, the day of Obama`s 53rd birthday."

Daily Mail

How`s that reset thing with Russia working out Barack?

Obama said his election would improve global perceptions of the United States. After George W. Bush`s cowboy diplomacy, Obama promised that his more nuanced approach to foreign policy would restore the respect that America once enjoyed throughout most of the world.

Obama started off his first term with an apology tour, and he`s still bowing before communist dictators and playing footsie with Islamic radicals.

Bush looked into Putin`s eyes and saw his soul; Putin looked into Obama`s eyes and saw a lack of a backbone.

From the Middle East to North Korea to Ukraine our respect and influence is dwindling to the point that the Bush years are regarded as the golden age of American hegemony.

The prank by the Russian students was blatantly racist, but it underscores the contempt that Russians have for the weak and ineffectual American president.

The laser image depicting Obama eating a banana is racist, given the long history in America and other countries of equating blacks with monkeys.

But in the context of geopolitics it`s appropriate, it expresses crudely but accurately that Obama has turned the greatest democracy in the world into a banana republic.

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