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Published:August 10th, 2014 11:19 EST

Danny Trejo: Hispanic Icon Deserves & Commands Respect: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

Danny Trejo was born in Los Angeles in 1944, throughout the 60`s and 70`s he was in and out of prison.


Trejo credits a 12-step program and his faith in Jesus Christ in overcoming his drug addiction, which was the underlying problem that frequently landed him behind bars.

Trejo`s first acting job was as an extra in the 1985 action thriller "Runaway Train." The rest as they say is history, from the 80`s to the present he has starred in tons of motion pictures, most of them "B" movies.

Trejo isn`t a gifted thespian, or a classic movie star, he`s a rough and tumble character actor. His movies deal with the classic themes of redemption and revenge (with just a sprinkling of romance thrown in) that resonate with average folks.

In this decade Trejo finally achieved mainstream success, especially with his starring role in "Machete " and in the Spy Kids movies. It was a Mexican, Richard Rodriquez, who directed Trejo in " Machete" and the Spy Kids films.

For decades Trejo has been an icon, a legend and an inspiration in the Hispanic community. The Latino community isn`t homogenous, we come from many nations each with its own distinct customs and traditions, but we have one commonality: Our love and appreciation for Trejo`s personal story of redemption and his body of work as an actor.

Trejo is known for his distinctive appearance. The Hispanic superstar has a heavily lined face, scarred from cystic acne, and prison fights. Trejo may be 70-years-old, but with his long mustache and his muscular build, he`s still an imposing figure.

Trejo`s distinctive visage is symbolic of the scars that Latinos have suffered in our fight for justice and equality.

If Trejo were white he would have been bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris combined, it`s time for Hollywood to make amends and present Trejo an honorary Oscar for his body of work.

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