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Published:August 12th, 2014 14:39 EST
In Michael Brown`s Shooting by a Ferguson Police Officer, How could the Two Versions of Events Contrast So Starkly?

In Michael Brown`s Shooting by a Ferguson Police Officer, How could the Two Versions of Events Contrast So Starkly?

By John G. Kays

It`s doesn`t make much sense to me; with the police shooting (in Ferguson, Mo., northwest of St. Louis) of African-American teenager, Michael Brown, Jr., we have two completely unique versions of the event that left Big Mike dead, as the result of multiple gunshots from an as yet unidentified police officer`s service revolver.

I`m very curious why no eyewitness saw the scuffle between Mike and the officer, where it`s alleged Brown assaulted the officer, even attempting to take his gun away from him. I`m not so convinced it happened in just that way; the best eyewitness, Dorian Johnson, does make mention of the initial contact, resulting in an altercation, but he tells the story with significant changes. 

Actually, according to Johnson, it was the officer who slammed his car door against Brown, which resulted in it closing again, apparently since the boy was so close to his truck. Dorian mentions the trigger-happy cop blurts out I`m gonna shoot you; this is almost proof that he fully intended on shooting Brown. Or does it it suggest that Brown was trying to take his gun away from him (or that he had such fears of it)?

Well, we may need to rewind the narrative event tape just a wee-bit back; for me, without seeing where various parties were positioned exactly (I suspect this will be done eventually), it`s a little hard to picture how the situation progressed, then it accelerates, or better deteriorates, rapidly into violence, looking more like a homicide with a police officer on the wrong side of the fence of the law. 

Alright, so that`s what it looks like to me, unless I`m short on some salient facts. The town of Ferguson itself, looks like it was a powder keg ready to explode at any minute, which ends up becoming a reality, it does explode! The riots and looting also contribute to our confusion as to what actually takes place here. I believe I`m leaning more in the direction of believing the version of the story, as told by Dorian Johnson; that is, no one has come forward wanting to contradict what he`s said. Did the officer fully intend on shooting Michael?

As is, from the limited bevy of information we`ve been provided with so far, the only thing the two young men were doing wrong, was they were walking in the street instead of the sidewalk. My first question will be, under what circumstances was that officer performing his duties, patrolling the streets of Ferguson, during the given time for the shooting, 2:15 PM on Saturday? Was there a robbery or perhaps a burglary in progress, just radioed in?

Why did the officer go to so much trouble as to back up his truck, nearly running the two over? Was it just since they didn`t quickly get off the street and on to the sidewalk? In other words, was the officer under duress? That is, if a robbery was in progress, that would cause just about any police officer to wind up tight, suspecting anyone and everyone. On the other hand, if nothing had been called in, is it possible the officer was simply looking for trouble himself?

Instantaneously, we might suspect him of being a racist, or be led to believe Michael Brown was specifically targeted for harassment, since he was Black. And while it`s possible this allegation may not contain even one grain of truth to it, the most obvious conclusion we`ll reach, when noticing that a young unarmed Black Man, with his hands raised high up in the air (the fact he didn`t have a weapon on him, is probably the most obvious item needing our attention), is ruthlessly gunned-down in cold blood, and that the police officer fully intended to kill this kid, even though he didn`t do very much wrong.  

It`s most hard, if not entirely impossible, to put a positive spin on the reckless behavior displayed by this officer (he crosses the line in his abuse of deadly force). And now a near riot and looting can be included as an understandable consequence to the shooting (which looks like an execution almost, on the surface); in the initial scuffle, was the officer the aggressor or was it Brown? 

Wasn`t Brown just defending himself from an officer who was bullying him and grabbing him by the neck? Is it any wonder the two ran away after he (Brown) had been shot at least once already? And after the officer shot him in the street the second time, why did he approach the down and wounded youth, then shoot him a few times more? This is clearly a homicide, with a cop in the role of the killer this time! I can understand better why the Ferguson authorities are delaying releasing his identity; his life is in danger.