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Published:August 14th, 2014 16:34 EST
Is Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson the Only One Who Can Quell the Riotous Fires of Unrest There?

Is Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson the Only One Who Can Quell the Riotous Fires of Unrest There?

By John G. Kays

Rather than diffusing, the tense situation in Ferguson is gaining momentum, if not snowballing, as the collective eyes of a vigilant and concerned nation steer their focus on an outraged community in a suburb of St. Louis, as The People try and sort out what happened on its streets last Saturday

Suspecting, perhaps, that tensions would begin to ease yesterday, I was seriously troubled and surprised as I watched NBC Evening News! This looked more like the Democratic Convention from 1968 than it did a contemporary protest against police brutality and unfair racial profiling, where young Black Men are often targeted.

 Clarity of the images was achieved by reading the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and especially from paying attention to their photograph galleries pertaining to last night, where it`s alleged some Molotov cocktails were hurled at the police by angry protesters. By the same token, an observation that the police were arresting people excessively (including two Washington Post reporters, Wesley Lowery and Ryan Reilly), is not an unreasonable assessment, when looking from a distance.

An understatement I`ll throw out here, charged with irony and probably capable of inducing uneasiness, angst, if not responsible for prying open the fabled curse of Pandora`s Box, is that Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson has a small problem on his hands. Will he have to retract earlier statements he`s made regarding how the incident, resulting in the shooting death of Michael Brown, Jr., went down? 

The last claim I`ve heard, is that the mysterious unidentified police officer, who killed Michael Brown (in cold blood), purportedly sustained injuries from the (what`s been characterized) as a scuffle in his cruiser, even requiring medical assistance. But why does he say Michael was trying to take away his service revolver from him? Why do they claim the teenager was fully inside his vehicle, when that never happened? Who are their witnesses, other than the man who did the shooting?

Dorian Johnson has clearly stated, Michael never entered the patrol car; the driver`s door was slammed into him forcefully, and this is what sparked the incident, which cascaded into sickening violence, which looks more like murder, really. It turns out there were other witnesses, because I saw two girls interviewed on CNN who saw most of what must have been a frightening scene to watch.


These girls (I`ve been looking for their names, but haven`t found them yet) never saw Brown actually in the police car, such as Tom Jackson has claimed publicly. Where he came up with this fairy tale, it`s hard to say? One has to think this unsupported version of the story came from the anonymous (I`m beginning to believe it`s best he stays anonymous too) officer; furthermore, one would have to assume Jackson convinced himself, he was telling the truth. 

I just don`t see how Michael could have been all the way in the car and at least three people, who were standing right there when it supposedly went down, saw nothing of the kind! Very strange indeed! *(Do people just see whatever they want to see?)

Once again, what`s it going to take to diffuse this highly charged social and racial situation brewing in Missouri? Can Governor Jay Nixon do it with help from President Obama? Will the confrontations between citizens and police continue, say tonight? Are the police handling it properly now, or are they over-reacting, making a bad situation get even worse? 

Would the release of the police officer`s name ease tensions, or would this information tighten the knot of already burgeoning anxiety and unrest? Would revealing his identity be a death sentence for this officer? And won`t his name become known at some date anyway? Will he have to go underground, loosing his identity and leaving Ferguson once and for all, never to return? 

My instincts tell me this will have to be the case; he will be killed instantaneously, once his name becomes known. I`m of the opinion, only Chief Tom Jackson is capable of quelling this most precarious upheaval, presently plaguing our country. The spotlight is focused on Tom Jackson to make a retraction and admit this was handled wrong. The consequence of not taking these measures will result in a great deal more violence, I`m certain of that.