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Published:August 15th, 2014 10:46 EST

Pit Bulls Rocking Flower Hats: Photographic Series by Sophie Gamand

By Robert Paul Reyes

Pit bull is not a breed, it`s a generic name given to dogs who share the same physical characteristics.

Pitt bulls have a tarnished image, because of a few owners who have trained them to be aggressive, forced them to fight, and gambled on the outcome.


The truth is that pit bulls are sweet, loyal and brave, and they make the best pets in the world. My pit bull/German Shepherd mix, Mandy, always attracts admiring glances from adults and hugs from children when we go walking in the neighborhood.

For years animal activists have tried to spread the truth about the sweet nature of these delightful pooches, without much success.

But now renowned New York based photographer Sophie Gamand is using her talents to improve the reputation of these delightful dogs.

In her photographic series "Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution", Gamand showcases pits in the New York area who are looking for homes.

Take a look at these cute pooches rocking flower hats:

There is a pit bull in your local animal shelter looking for a forever home.


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