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Published:August 16th, 2014 12:38 EST

Drug Bust! Lady With Cocaine Hidden in Breast Implants Arrested at Madrid Airport

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Spanish police have arrested a 43-year-old Venezuelan woman who landed in Madrid`s international airport trying to smuggle 3.7 pounds of cocaine via her breast implants.


Narcotics agents started to suspect something was up while they were performing routine screenings of passengers who had arrived from Bogota, Colombia, and the woman began acting strange. Her luggage searches didn`t reveal anything suspicious, but when female agents frisked her they noticed irregularities and deformities in both of the woman`s breasts."

New York Daily News

This woman is lucky her destination wasn`t an American airport; the TSA boobs would have been so fascinated by her big boobs that they never would have noticed anything suspicious.

Almost four pounds of cocaine is enough to keep an army of TSA goons happy for quite a while, it`s a good thing she wasn`t traveling to the United States.

The woman was taken to a hospital where the implants were removed.

I wonder if all of her orifices were inspected, God only knows what kind of crap she was hiding in her rectum.

If Charlie Sheen hooked up with this woman, would he have sex with her, or slice her breasts open and get high?

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