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Published:August 16th, 2014 11:47 EST

MMA Star Ronda Rousey Stars in 'Expendables 3': Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Ronda Rousey was grateful to be cast in Expendables 3.

The 27-year-old MMA champion portrays Luna in the film, and discussed the movie with the Philadelphia Daily News. Rousey expressed her gratitude to writer, producer and star Sylvester Stallone, and revealed that the actor fought for her to secure the role."



Ronda Rousey is an MMA champion, a budding actress, and quite simply the most beautiful woman in the world. She can kill you with a devastating kick or a punch, or her good looks.

Rousey employed her athletic prowess to excel in the world of mixed marital arts, and now she is exploiting her beauty to excel in Hollywood.

The Expendables movie franchise stars over-the-hill male action movie stars; it certainly needs the youth, vitality and girl power that Rousey brings to the table.

The Expendables 3 marks Rousey`s first feature film role, and you don`t have to be a rocket scientist, film critic or MMA fan to realize movie stardom is in her future.

You go girl!

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