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Published:August 17th, 2014 11:16 EST

Mass UFO Sighting Over Houston Lights Up Social Media: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Pictures posted on Twitter earlier this week show something floating through the skies over Houston, TX. 


The images were shot Aug. 11 during a rain storm with dramatic thunder and lightning, and they have been re-posted and cited many times."


In the pre-Internet age if you saw mysterious lights in the sky, especially during a thunderstorm, you might wonder if they were UFO`s for a couple of moments, but common sense would prevail and soon you would be sound asleep.

In the age of social media, any wanker who sees suspicious lights in the sky will snap photographs of them and post them on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Before you can say "viral tomfoolery" #UFO Invasion will be a trending subject on Twitter, and digital teens will be dreaming about making love to buxom green-skinned alien women.

Shame on the Weather Network for publishing a story about UFO`s, they should stick their bread and butter stories: Tornados, hurricanes, and blizzards.

During a thunderstorm normal folks won`t worry about mysterious lights in the sky, they will be praying that lightning doesn`t destroy their homes.

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