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Published:August 19th, 2014 10:37 EST

Ferguson, Michael Brown, Darren Wilson and Race in America

By Robert Paul Reyes

On August 9, 2014 Michael "Gentle Giant" Brown was strolling down the middle of the street, enjoying his final days of leisure, before embarking on an intellectually-challenging college career set to start August 11, 2014.


Brown, guilty only of jaywalking and "walking while black" was confronted by Darren Wilson a racist white police officer and executed in cold blood in broad daylight.

This is the narrative being shoved down our collective throat by the African American community and their useful idiots in the media.

The truth, no pun intended, isn`t so black and white. The truth is more nuanced and complicated, and the solutions to stop the unrelenting violence that this incident unleashed are hard to come by.

Only minutes before he died at the hands of a police officer Brown stole cigars at a convenience store in an incident that can charitably be described as shoplifting and more accurately as a strong-arm robbery. We associate cigar smoking with privileged old white gentlemen, but urban youth have a fondness for cigars as well. They hollow-out the cigars and fill them with marijuana, enabling them to brazenly smoke weed in public.

Brown wasn`t a gentleman and a scholar enjoying his last two days before starting his college career. Brown graduated from Normandy High School in St. Louis by the skin of his teeth, after completing an alternative learning program. Brown was scheduled to start not Yale or Harvard on August 11, or even a community college, but a technical college. The world didn`t lose a future professor, scientist or physician, but a potential welder/robber.

Not that there`s anything wrong with technical or vocational schools, actually in today`s job market it makes more sense to attend a technical college than to graduate from a state college with a liberal arts degree.

My intention isn`t to disparage the reputation of Michael Brown, as a blogger my goal is to arrive at the truth, however unpleasant it might be for the victim and his loved ones.

Unfortunately, the default mode of many black youth is to react with aggression to any stressful situation. We will never discover the exact details of what occurred between Brown and the police officer, but most witnesses agree that there was a physical struggle between Brown and Wilson, that culminated in the young man`s death.

If Brown and his companion had complied with the officer`s instructions, Brown wouldn`t have ended up on the street in a pool of blood, and Ferguson wouldn`t have erupted in violence.

Wilson isn`t a stereotypically racist cop yearning to arrest black people; he`s had no complaints lodged against him. In fact earlier this year Wilson received a commendation for " extraordinary effort in the line of duty".

But the Ferguson police department has a long history of racism, and while Wilson may be an exemplary officer the predominantly white police department is insensitive to the predominantly black community that they have sworn to serve and protect.

The Ferguson community has valid grievances against the police department and the white political establishment, and they have a right to demand transparency and justice.

But they are ill-served by depicting Michael Brown as a saintly young scholar, and Wilson as a racist cop. Their righteous cause isn`t being advanced by the images of rioting and looting, it`s only serving to advance the cause of bigots who claim that blacks are inherently violent.

Outside professional agitators are responsible for most of the violence, but it`s the reputation of the citizens of Ferguson that`s being damaged.

It`s time for the citizens of Ferguson to ratchet things down a bit, the nation, indeed the world, has heard their pleas for transparency and justice loud and clear.

The FBI and the Justice Department are now involved, and the truth will come out. Vengeance is exacted immediately; but arriving at truth and justice takes time. I hope and pray that the good citizens of Ferguson will have the patience to let all the facts come to the surface, and the humility to accept the truth, and if it comes down to it, the verdict of a jury.

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