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Published:August 20th, 2014 14:48 EST
'I Am Apple as You Are Apple as You/Me Are Jobs And We Are All Together!'

'I Am Apple as You Are Apple as You/Me Are Jobs And We Are All Together!'

By John G. Kays

I am Apple! You are Apple! We are Apple! This is not a business report, nor is it a history of the home computer company, started by mainly Steve Jobs, but, as you know, Stephen Wozniak played a big role also. 

I`d describe it more as some tribute scribblings; what initiates these random cogitations, other than the strong buzz you get by staring at the logo, or by watching that great Macintosh ad from 1984 (directed by Ridley Scott and shown in the third quarter of the SuperBowl), which says it all: is the Mac allowed you to do your own thing, in defiance of Big Brother! I own 100 shares of Apple stock, an iphone, an ipod, the ipad air, an imac pro, and of equal importance, I have the Kindle edition of Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson

I`m reading the Jobs` biography very slowly and carefully, since I don`t want to miss one single story; probably unlikely that some of his genius will rub off on me, but I don`t want to decrease the scintilla of a chance a little bit will.

The naysayers are always saying Apple`s Glory Days are a thing of the past, even in Steve Jobs` day *(that wasn`t so long ago) their imminent toppling was predicted on a weekly, if not daily basis. This never happened; in fact, just the opposite came about. And with the launch of the iphone 6 (I`ll talk to you in the waiting line), sales are expected to exceed any levels previously realized. 

There are many reasons for this, but I`d say the two most important ones are the economy is getting better and really, Apple makes the best smartphone around. As far as the business angle goes, other than myself (I just bought 20 more shares), Carl Icahn had the right idea when he bought $500 million shares in the first quarter when the stock was down. 

Icahn holds almost $5 billion in Apple stock currently; I`m right behind you, Carl *(once my music and book royalties start rolling in a bit stronger, I`ll purchase quite a bit more)! (Forbes-Hedge Funds Feasting On Apple Again, by Nathan Vardi)

Why is Apple so popular? Why is it so successful? Why does Apple always kick the competition in the butt? KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID!; is how the mantra might sound. Most likely, we`ll spend the remainder of our days trying to answer these questions. An important key that will unlock this essential information is the need to know the biography of Steve Jobs (and the people who he interacted with) backwards and forwards! 

I should not omit the obvious necessity of owning an array of Apple products; this will teach you as much as you will probably want to know. If you date back to the Apple II days or to the Macintosh days, you might consider yourself an Apple Guru. I should kick myself for not getting an ipod nano until just two months ago (I`m making up for it), but I see the light now!

What I`m doing, and it helps a lot, because I`m more of a History Person than a Technical Nerd, is to read the books that Steve Jobs studied, like Remember Be Here Now, by Ram Dass, or Autobiography of a Yogi, or The Bhagavad Gita, or The Doors of Perception, by Aldous Huxley. I have the other stuff covered, like loving The Beatles (even though, at one time, there was a lawsuit with Apple Corp.) and walking around barefoot. Okay, so I shower daily too; can`t agree with Steve on everything!