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Published:August 22nd, 2014 15:09 EST

Tuesday`s St. Louis Police Shooting of a Disturbed Young Black Man, Is Hardly Benign!

By John G. Kays

Once again, while we`re hearing the unrest in Ferguson is beginning to diffuse, this latest shooting of a mentally disturbed black man, apparently wielding an ordinary kitchen knife, by two St Louis Police Officers (on Tuesday, at around 12:30 PM), is cause for concern, in terms of an obvious abuse of their powers of Deadly Force

These two trigger-happy police officers shot this man dead six times over, then proceeded to handcuff him after he was already deceased, which is troubling to me and was emphatically so, with the eyewitnesses who watched the entire incident, as captured by a keen citizen, who thought to document the trouble going down with a handy cell phone.

I don`t know that the quick-thinking videographer`s identity has been revealed yet, but I`d like to thank him personally for this expression of heroism; as such, we don`t have any doubt about the particulars of this unsightly incident (that`s not the case with Michael Brown).

Furthermore, I realized another truth after researching this newest police shooting (it`s ironic, isn`t it, that it occurred but a few miles away from Ferguson); that is, be sure you watch a complete, pristine video, unedited, uncensored, un-massaged, untampered with, or whatever term you care to use to describe intervention by a third prejudicial party (probably with a hidden agenda). 

The New York Daily News has a complete one at the top of a piece titled: Knife-wielding man killed by St. Louis police identified; 911 calls released, by Nina Golgowski. If you prefer to find it on YouTube, the posting by Revolution News is unadulterated; I`m not able to confirm that this is the original phone video, which was also willingly handed over to the St Louis Police Department).

Another telling observation or tip, I should pass on to you, is the recommendation that the audio portion of the loop provides you with insightful, emotionally charge reactions, of some of the direct observers to (whatever words you think will fit right here).

I`d say to you, and I`ll have to interject the victim`s name here, it`s 25-year-old Kajieme Powell,that the video is so clear, so vivid, it makes it impossible to spin it in such a way, shining a favorable light on the officers` behavior, such as St Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson has done by way of a flimsy defense (when speaking with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch). 

The early portion of the video is important, as is the final segment; the early scene is closer to the Six Stars Market (on Riverview Blvd.), where Kajieme Powell had shoplifted a muffin and two energy drinks. He sets the two energy drinks down near the curb and just stumbles around in front of the convenience store for a minute or two, before the cops arrive. 

Does he seem scary and threatening? Not really! Does Kajieme appear to be with all of his mental faculties? Clearly, he didn`t! I`ve seen a lot of street people in my day, not working with a full deck; this has eerie similarities to this flurry of unpleasant memories, that could match this scene to the T.

The only difference is, these street people wern`t shot to death for stumbling around in a parking lot a bit, carrying a not so awesome kitchen knife (this can`t be described as a lethal weapon). Referencing the audio portions, after the killing was done, witnesses keep saying why didn`t they taser him? This is what I`m wondering about also; this technique could`ve been employed easily, instead of shooting him 6 times. 

And why not wound him? Or the officer on the left who was closest to the suspect, could have retreated back a few feet; the suspect wasn`t really rushing him that quickly or aggressively, come to think of it! How many feet was he away from the officer on the left? At least 5 or 6 feet, which is quite a ways. I`m thinking, they could`ve probably just used their hands to disarm poor Kajieme; this man looked like he was in bad shape anyhow. 

The two rattled St Louis cops mowed this fairly innocuous, mentally retarded young black man down, like it was routine target practice! That`s not hyperbole, watch the video for yourself. They cut him down to the ground with dead-center bullseye gutshots!

Towards the end of the clip, the police are belligerent towards many of the bystanders, shooing them away from the crime scene as if they were flies on the wall. That`s okay, it`s captured on film now; this shooting can`t be covered-up, such as Michael Brown`s was. The police went beyond the fringe, in terms of using Deadly Force. And manacling a dead man? What does that tell you? 

Can you put a cadaver in the slammer? First you murder a man, then you put him under arrest? Who should be arrested, the mentally-ill dead man or the two unidentified trigger-happy, St. Louis Police Officers? The camera doesn`t lie; many eyewitnesses saw exactly what happened, and now we can join them, thanks to a smart citizen.