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Published:August 28th, 2014 09:45 EST

Viral Video! Epic Meltdown by Minor Leauge Baseball Manager

By Robert Paul Reyes

In my decades of being an avid baseball fan, I`ve witnessed many epic meltdowns by managers arguing calls with umpires.


I`ve witnessed managers froth at the mouth, fail their arms, kick home plate, in fact I`ve seen histrionics that include all sorts of antics just short of defecating on home plate.

The manager of the Winston-Salem Dash, a Minor League baseball team, Tommy Thompson must have aspirations of being a major league manager, because he threw an epic tantrum arguing a call with a hapless umpire.

In this video Thompson begins his protest of a called strike three by gently and gingerly putting down his shoes on home plate, a foreshadowing of the ensuing mayhem.

Then Thompson kicks it up a notch by hurling his helmet into the stands. For his grand finale, he drops some napkins on to the field.

There`s no crying in baseball, as any fan knows. But childish tantrums by umpires are par for the course.

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