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Published:September 2nd, 2014 14:58 EST

Foolish Woman Hospitalized After Attempting to Give her Cat a Bath! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A British woman said she was hospitalized for six days following a disastrous attempt to give her Persian cat a flea bath.


Lesley Pleasant of Shepton Mallet, England, said she decided to bathe Oscar, her daughter`s 10-month-old Persian cat, when she spotted evidence of a flea infestation in his fur.

Pleasant was hospitalized and treated for septicemia, or blood poisoning. Doctors said her condition initially worsened, but after three days in the hospital they determined she had a penicillin allergy and her condition improved when the treatment was adjusted."


I`ve owned my cat Ebony about 13 years, and I`ve given her a flea bath a couple of times, but not without suffering grievous injuries. Some cats go into panic-mode when their foolish owners attempt to give them a bath, and the result isn`t pretty.

I`ve had my 25-pound Cat Tico for about a year, and I`ve never given him a bath, and believe me I never will.

Oscar went postal when Pleasant attempted to bathe him, she was covered in scratches, and the next day she had to be hospitalized. Being attacked by a pussy cat isn`t something you can walk off.

Pleasant claims Oscar was oblivious to the chaos he caused -- Yeah, right!

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