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Published:September 3rd, 2014 09:44 EST

Face of Jesus Found on Moth: Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Georgetown woman says a moth that showed up at her home with a pattern that resembles the face of Jesus is a sign from above.


Yvonne Esquilin tells KXAN the moth showed up at her home just after noon Wednesday. At first, her family thought it was a butterfly. It stuck around until she got home from work and saw it for herself.

We were just amazed at the size of the moth, " she told KXAN. "It didn`t dawn on me until I snapped the picture. At first it looked like Jesus- and I still think it looks like Jesus.`"


A moth with a pattern that resembles the face of Jesus must be a one in a billion miracle!

Not exactly, I checked YouTube and there were over a dozen videos of moths bearing a resemblance to Jesus.

Of course they could also pass for Charlie Manson, a hippie dude from the 60`s or Tiny Tim, but if you manage to capture one of these unique moths you`d better advertise it on eBay as a Jesus Moth.

The moth spent the night at the family`s home before flying away in the morning. Holy Moth, money flying out the door!

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