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Published:September 3rd, 2014 13:46 EST
In the Murder of 15-Year-Old Dominique Allen, Why Does IMPD Not Believe Her Killer Was a Local?

In the Murder of 15-Year-Old Dominique Allen, Why Does IMPD Not Believe Her Killer Was a Local?

By John G. Kays

The burned body of 15-year-old Dominique Allen was found by a man walking his dog on Sunday, at 12:30 PM; the location of the terrible discovery is given as the 1100 block of North Elder Avenue, in Indianapolis, Indiana (The Indianapolis Star looks like our best Source).

We are already hearing the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department declare (apparently, with confidence), that Dominique Allen`s killer or killers was/were not known by her; rather, that this is a random homicide, where the perpetrator(s), not knowing the victim personally, see(s) an opening, a moment of opportunity to commit this atrocious crime.

After coping with my own personal shock, when first experiencing the available details of this case (of which there are quite a few), and after returning to a reasonable level of calmness and balanced objectivity, I`m not quite as convinced (as the IMPD is) that the culprit is not of this community.

In making this bold claim, because I`m certainly not privy to nearly as much information as IMPD detectives are, I also believed Dominique knew her killer, although the extent to which she knew him, probably had its limits. On the other hand, if we`re going to agree with IMPD investigators, we might even take it a bit further and say, this was a serial killer at work.

This is where it leads to me, unless they think it was the work of a novice. If this is so, it might be a peer of Dominique`s, who attends the same school (Ben Davis High School) she does. Another thought that plays over in my head, not without its merits, is that the new school year has only just begun for most young people across the nation.

Just a thought when considering a potential pool of suspects. The abduction must have occurred after 4:30 AM Sunday (some may see it as very late, Saturday night), when Dominique was actually spotted, sitting on a house ledge, outside of her sister`s house (Mareeka Allen), in the 1400 block of Mount Street.

As I see it, and this is only my theory, of course, this case is mostly about geography; it will probably get solved as result of looking at these three geographical locations. A map published in the Indianapolis Star is an eye-opener for me (Family members want justice for slain Ben Davis High freshman)! The three crucial physical locations, germane to the crime, are very close to one another. 

Just yesterday, detectives found Dominique`s purse and sandals in the backyard of an unoccupied (abandoned) house (when gazing at a map, this is positioned in the 1900 block of West 10th Street); images of this scary looking domicile were shown on TV by local stations. Since they found the teenager`s personal effects here, detectives are convinced, this is where she was taken and killed. 

I`m convinced the culprit already knew this is what he`d do (premeditation); it`s not such a lengthy stretch to say he was very familiar with this neighborhood. This outline sketch, that might work as a conceivable simulation, if some more details are plugged in, points in the direction of a local (being) responsible, not a drifter from outside the area.

The key for me, is the close proximity of these three houses; the sisters, the abandoned house, then the home where the body was found. If it was an outsider, how did he know this house on West 10th was empty? Isn`t it a lot more logical to think this person had been there before? 

Moreover, isn`t it more likely it may be a homeless person who had been staying there before, or that maybe some drugs had been used there. Not that this is the way it went down, but in any case, it works better (my hypothetical model, if you will), if it`s a local who`s already most familiar with this West Indianapolis neighborhood.

My next thought, seemingly emerging out of nowhere, is that if the killer was an outsider just stalking the streets (no doubt, in a car), he probably would`ve taken her a much further distance from this area (to avoid the cops). This is another reason why I believe it was a local. 

One final thought, that I`m certain detectives are already looking into, is whether anybody has seen the same car (or a familiar car) driving slowly by the North Mount Street address, before *(but on that same Saturday)?