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Published:September 4th, 2014 12:13 EST

Viral Video: Great Dane Ate 43 Socks!

By Robert Paul Reyes

One of the great mysteries of the world has finally been solved!

If you put all the socks that people all over the world lose in a single year in a clothesline, it would reach all the way to Mars.


I always figured that my washer or dryer had an insatiable desire for socks, and I blamed these hardworking appliances for stealing my socks.

But it turns out that man`s best friend is to blame, consider the story of the Great Dane who was feeling miserable when his owner took him to an emergency vet clinic.

X-Rays revealed the huge pooch had consumed 43 socks; after surgery he`s feeling much better.

No wonder my pooch Mandy is always sniffing my socks!

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