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Published:September 4th, 2014 13:50 EST
Who Murdered Eight-Year-Old Isabella Bella Grogan-Cannella, From Bullhead City, Az?

Who Murdered Eight-Year-Old Isabella Bella Grogan-Cannella, From Bullhead City, Az?

By John G. Kays

As bella`s father would like to thank everyone for their condolences what has happened to my daughter. It`s a loss no parent should ever have to endure. At this time we have no information as to who did this to her and we ask that if you know anything please contact authorities or myself. Sorry to everyone I haven`t replied to this is just a very difficult time. May my daughter rest in piece. As soon as I`m cleared to go out there I will be there. Every step of the way. Roy Cannella-Isabella`s father

A great deal of mystery and confusion (for me, and probably for you too) prevails in the case of eight-year-old Isabella Bella Grogan-Cannella, who was missing as of Wednesday, Noon (September 3rd) , but was probably found (unfortunately, deceased) around that time, in what they`re calling a wash, which is about a mile from her home (to me, it looks like a vacant space of undeveloped land, or just a lot of dirt-The Daily Mail). Was Bella murdered? 

Probably, but the police haven`t outright said this just yet; well, the body hasn`t even been positively identified, so no wonder it hasn`t been ruled a homicide! To state the obvious, Bullhead City, Arizona has a population of only 40,000 people, and one girl is missing, fitting the given description of Bella (A white girl, with blue eyes, sandy brown/blonde hair, 4 foot 8, and weighing about 85 pounds). Therefore, the chances of it being a different child are, at best, slim.

I should add, they know the clothes she was wearing, at the time she went missing (around 1:30 AM, Tuesday); Bella had on a green, ruffled, sparkly tank top, dark shorts, and was thought to be barefoot. Furthermore, some search canines were able to detect her scent, and could trace it to this specific location, which I had heard originally, was a house (cordoned off with yellow crime tape), but now it looks more like she was traced to a vacant piece of real estate. 

It`s a no wonder I stated in my first sentence, I`ve been racked with confusion (with regard to the set of facts promulgated by the media). In any case, I don`t believe a positive identification of Bella, is going to be too much of a problem for the Bullhead City Police Department (I had to take a geography lesson this morning, `cuz this is nowheresville to me). Okay, so these newest developments maybe can take us to a place where we can begin to ask how`d her death come about, and especially the question of who is perhaps the responsible party.

I guess we can eliminate Bella`s father, Roy Cannella, since he lives in another city (don`t know which one, though); the above quote was posted on his Facebook page. An odd thought came to me when reading Roy`s quote, but don`t get too bent out of shape when you hear what I got to say or read too much in it; I found myself thinking of Stan Larsen in AMC television series The Killing, since his daughter Rosie was murdered and Stan vowed vengeance on her killer. 

Stan originally thought Rosie`s killer was her teacher, Bennet Ahmed, although this ended up being incorrect; yet Stan and his moving partner went ahead and gave Bennet a proper working over, then later found out he wasn`t the one afterall. I shouldn`t put this analogy on Roy, it`s misplaced, but it flashed in my head, `cuz I realize he`ll want to get who did this to his daughter. But what`s this about a neighbor seeing a stranger lurking outside the Cannella home around 11:40 PM, Monday night (Labor Day)? This seems like a good lead!