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Published:September 5th, 2014 14:19 EST
Finding Troubled Frisco Couple ( Pallavi and Sumeet Dhawan) Dead, Blows Open the Lid!

Finding Troubled Frisco Couple ( Pallavi and Sumeet Dhawan) Dead, Blows Open the Lid!

By John G. Kays

A very disturbing story, emerging out of the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex (specifically, Frisco), is a tragically hard one to contemplate; Sumeet Dhawan and his wife Pallavi Dhawan were found dead on Wednesday, at their upscale home in Frisco, Texas (15000 block of Mountain View Lane). Whether the Indian couple died as a result of suicide, or possibly from a combination of homicide and suicide, has not yet been determined; my hunch is it was a double suicide, but I could be wrong.

I live in Austin, but after looking at plenty of birds-eye news footage, I was surprised by the socially robust quality of this upscale suburban neighborhood where they lived. What`s behind their sudden deaths is layered and complicated; the social and economic angle is merely one of the layers we`ll need to examine (eventually).

I`m just now catching up with the ambiguous part about their son`s death (10-year-old Arnav`s decomposing body was found by police in the family`s bathtub on January 29th-The Dallas Morning News), so I still have a ways to go before I feel comfortable with the multiple components of their tale, that wasn`t able to come to a happy ending (to put it mildly).

You`ll have to forgive me, since what we have here is very difficult to understand; a lot of ground is covered, which includes Indians living (and assimilating) in the United States, and then we have their religion, the Hindu Faith, and what that may mean, both with regards to their son`s sudden death; you can add to that, what possible role their religion may have played on their own unexplained, untimely deaths. 

All of these complex issues of living in a multi-cultural society are blanketed with a strange backdrop, the mother, Pallavi Dhawan, had been indicted for the murder of her son, Amav. Whether or not this indictment was fair, is probably the biggest wrench in the spokes of this entire sad saga (or maybe it`s a twisted saga).

Is it conceivable the couple felt like they were persecuted or unfairly targeted, as a result of their faring from India? This would appear to be a highly persuasive argument, when contemplating a motive for ending their lives! Fox 4 (great reporting!) found an SMU global theology professor, Robert Hunt, who argues this case convincingly, or at least I`m buying it.

Is it possible Arnav died of natural causes; after all, he did have a brain cyst and microcephaly (a small head)? Why did a Collin County Grand Jury go so far as to indict Pallavi, when the medical examiner couldn`t determine the cause of death, but nonetheless, was leaning in the direction that (Amav`s death) was the result of natural disease (The Dallas Morning News)

But why didn`t Pallavi mention Arnav`s life-long shaky medical condition to the police during her original interview *(or if she did, local news services are conveniently omitting this information, covering for the police)? And what`s this about a claim made by the Frisco Police, that she had nodded her head in the affirmative, when they asked her whether she had killed her son (on the day they came out, January 29th)

Is this legitimate? Or were they framing her? If she did kill him, why leave his body in the bathtub? The claim of preserving his body until her husband returned home, reeks of innocence, for me (on the other hand, hiding the body is a harbinger of conspicuous guilt). This is the tip of the iceberg for me; I have tons more research to do before this is over with!