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Published:September 5th, 2014 12:39 EST

List of Top Eight Things Worse Than Learning that Joan Rivers is Dead

By Robert Paul Reyes

The iCloud celebrity nude celebrity photo leak includes nude pics of Joan Rivers.


A disco album that Rivers recorded in the 70`s will be released posthumously.

Melissa Rivers will continue co-hosting "Fashion Police" with an urn containing her mother`s ashes.

Every last dollar of Joan Rivers` estate will go to her favorite charity: The Palestinian People Deserve to be Bombed Back to the Stone Age Fund.

Joan Rivers will replace Jimmy Fallon as host of "The Tonight Show " at least a three dimensional holographic image of Rivers will do the honors.

An infinite number of Joan Rivers are still alive in alternate universes.

Having to listen to hypocritical celebs lie about how much they loved Joan Rivers.

Learning that a hundred gay impersonators will dedicate their lives to impersonating Joan Rivers.

If you find this article mean-spirited, hey it`s an homage done in the spirit of Joan Rivers!