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Published:September 9th, 2014 11:49 EST

Face of Jesus Appears on Pierogi! Holy Religious Tomfoolery!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The St. Andre Bessette Church Festival is going on right now, but during the festival Saturday, Chairman Robert Hellar says someone brought him a pierogi with  `the face of Jesus` on it.


`I was in the taco booth making taco`s, and they came up to me and said `Jesus love polish food more than Mexican food` and I asked why,` Heller said.

That`s when he saw the pierogi."


I know you`re wondering what the hell pierogi is, well here`s the definition from Wikipedia:

Pierogi are dumplings of unleavened dough -- first boiled, then they are baked or fried usually in butter with onions  traditionally stuffed with potato filling, sauerkraut, ground meat, cheese or fruit.

This isn`t a sign or a wonder that Jesus is revealing Himself to a skeptical world, if He wanted to send us a divine message he would have appeared in a food that is universally loved by Americans: A hot dog, a hamburger or an apple pie.

Nobody knows what Jesus looked like anyway; I don`t think there are any digital selfies or even Polaroid snapshots of the Man from Galilee.

In my opinion the image on the pierogi is a dead ringer for Charles Manson.

The church is storing the holy pierogi in a freezer, and they claim they don`t know what they`re going to do with it. Yeah right, in a couple of days it will be on sale on eBay.

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