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Published:September 9th, 2014 14:01 EST
In Christina Maria Morris`s Strange Disappearance, Why Did Her Boyfriend, Hunter Foster, delay Reporting Her Missing?

In Christina Maria Morris`s Strange Disappearance, Why Did Her Boyfriend, Hunter Foster, delay Reporting Her Missing?

By John G. Kays

The defining moment in the baffling disappearance of 23-year-old Christina Marie Morris appears to have occurred in the parking garage of The Shops at Legacy (5717 Legacy Drive, in Plano, Texas), at 3:55 AM, early Saturday morning, on the 30th of August. The question remains, what does this moment of crisis mean, or what does it imply, since this seems to be the exact instance and the exact space when (and where) Christina vanished into thin air? 

We see her walking (in the dimly-lit garage) with an as yet unidentified friend; I should point out, the surveillance camera (as far as the film that`s been made available to us) is in back of the two shadowy walking figures. I ought to also mention, the resolution of these motion picture images is not all too crisp or sharp (for what looks like a fairly rich, upper-end shopping complex)

Furthermore, and I don`t know whether the Plano PD just hasn`t released other important footage (they have in their possession), that might represent possible suspicious vehicles, either entering or exiting this parking garage, where something sinister may have taken place.

As such, we do at least know, this young man parted ways with Christina, before completely following her all the way to her car, which I heard was/is a Toyota Celica coupe. Her Celica remained in the same space she parked it in, but Christina suddenly just disappears! One of the local TV stations for Dallas/Fort Worth (I believe it News 5 NBC) did a nice report on this shopping mall`s camera set-up in the garage, and it looks to me like it`s pretty thorough; however, I don`t know about the quality of the cameras. 

From the footage, it appears to be of a fairly low grade, where things look grainy and fuzzy (aint no GoPro, that`s for sure!). Obviously, this isn`t too good for the investigation; for now, we are racked with unpleasant concerns, as we project our own pictures (in our minds) of what went down there, just ten days ago. Who was lurking in that dark garage, waiting for Christina, at 3:55 AM?

Many reliable (indigenous) print news` services and local television stations as well, have filled in the picture for us considerably, as far as what Christina was up to that day; you add to that, a good deal of information about where she worked, some significant items on her personal life, and then simple, yet important items, such as who her parents are, and where she lived, which was Fort Worth. 

Christina definitely has some people who care a lot about her; her biological mother, Jonni Lee McElroy, who`s been looking for her constantly since Tuesday, September 2nd, is the best example I can come up with just now.

And I hear, Tim Miller`s Texas EquuSearch has joined in in the arduous searching, so that`s helpful, I`m sure. I guess I better mention one fairly big problem before I go any further; Christina`s boyfriend, Hunter Foster, who`d been living with her in Fort Worth (4000 block of Lafayette Avenue near Camp Bowie Boulevard-Star-Telegram), failed to report that she was missing until four days later (from August 30th-September 2nd he sat on this crucial information).

Has Hunter Foster been trying to cover-up something nefarious here? Jonni Lee mentioned on HLN last night, he`s been cooperative and has joined in with the searching parties, who are frantically combing the surrounding Plano neighborhood for this young lady. 

Well, still, his story doesn`t make a great deal of sense; the couple, apparently, had some kind of argument, then she never comes home that day. It wasn`t until work called him on Tuesday, asking what happened to Christina (she always went to work-she`s the marketing director for Trust None Streetwear and Hunter is her partner-Star-Telegram), before he begins to stir a little (or gets visibly concerned).

To me, this is suspicious behavior, but I don`t know whether this is enough unto itself to call him a suspect. I do believe he`ll need to elaborate the details of those several days, both before Christina vanished, and the days afterwards also, hour for hour, minute for minute, second for second, before this is all over with, should that occur. 

The final item I`ll mention, before taking this to the printing press (The Student Operated Press), might be looked at as a sidebar, but I thought it was significant, nonetheless. The last several paragraphs of a Star-Telegram article (Mounted team joins search for Fort Worth woman, by Monica S. Nagy) recalls an incident back in March, where a friend (purportedly) freaked out and ripped Ms Morris off; totally flipped out! Bet the cops are tracking down this character right now.